There鈥檚 no doubt about it, navigating your career path can be complex. Whether聽you鈥檙e looking for a job straight outta college,聽digging yourself out of student loan debt聽or trying to jump on the right opportunities聽(even if that means accepting a job you don鈥檛 really want),聽there鈥檚 never a shortage of questions that come up when you鈥檙e tackling something for the first time. While friends can dish awesome advice, we love following top-notch career experts for tried and true tips about all things work. Read on for a list of nine super smart bloggers we recommend you start keeping up with ASAP.


1.聽Marie Forleo: The brilliant brain behind B-School, Marie has championed a digital movement while educating thousands of women who have become brazen careerists and business owners. As if that wasn鈥檛 reason enough to follow along, even Oprah has named her a thought leader.

2. Jill Ozovek: Jill is the best source for advice on finding聽everyday balance and focus. A career coach living in NYC, her聽posts cover tough to tackle topics like how to tell if your prospective boss is a jerk and how to stay focused when your mind is elsewhere. Her blog聽is designed to help you identify and land your dream job.

3. Lindsay Pollak: We LOVE how Lindsay has positioned herself as a millennial workplace expert, and her perspective has helped millennials and companies understand how to work best together. Scroll through her posts for skills that every young professional needs to learn, like how to work with your friends.

4. The Branding Muse: If branding is an art, Emmelie De La Cruz is a talented artist. We love her tips for social media and personal positioning online, which are especially helpful if you鈥檙e looking to up your digital cred or build a personal website.

5. Life After College: Jenny Blake chronicles the transition聽from college to the professional world. Follow along for advice about selling yourself with little experience, landing the gig and how to cut yourself some slack during a job search. We think you鈥檒l love her mission to help people 鈥渨ake up, live big and love the journey.鈥


6. Penelope Trunk: A longtime fave read, Penelope writes from the perspective of a four-time successful startup founder. We love her productivity and management tips, along with her online course offerings that cover everything from entrepreneurship to blogging. Plus, she shares some educational personal stuff too, namely her first-hand experience with Asperger鈥檚 syndrome, which she and her son live with.

7. The Office Blend: Dr. Marla Gottschalk is聽the lone psychologist to land a spot聽on our list! An expert in workplace success and organizational change, we鈥檝e found that her articles聽about聽work and life especially聽resonate during聽challenging times. Leap over the hurdles with her science-backed suggestions.

8. Ask a Manager: Alison Green鈥檚 site can suck us in for hours! Her smart blog posts聽on topics like work jerks, layoffs and good management are both educational and inspirational聽鈥 the聽magic mix of what every careerist needs to succeed. Looking for something specific? Submit a question for her next Q&A post!

9. Brooklyn Resume Studio: Though Dana Leavy-Detrick鈥檚 site is home to her professional career services, the corresponding blog she writes is fabulous and should not be missed. Reference it for all things related to resume and cover letter writing, while taking in extra tips that are sure to help you shine when submitting a job app or interviewing.

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(Photos via聽Marie Forleo聽and聽Penelope Trunk)