Most college students hope to land their dream jobs post-graduation, but not every industry is the easiest to break into. According to a survey conducted by the University of Michigan, recent grads may have the best success finding work in the healthcare, business and finance fields.


The study says that in 2016, grads with a bachelor’s degree will have more opportunities to make it big in the professional business/science services (where job opportunities are up 38%), finance/insurance services (up 28%) and healthcare (up 24%) fields. Other industries are finally making their way back to big hiring after the recession, like construction and teaching at the elementary and high school levels. Creative types, take note: According to the study, publishing, broadcasting and motion pictures are hiring fewer employees or none at all.

This survey also shows that students in certain geographic areas have a higher likelihood of getting a post-grad job than they did last year. In fact, the survey predicts that the number of regional hires this next year will go up by 20%. This means you may be more likely this year to get a job in your home town. With odds like that, you can sneak to your mom’s house to do laundry guilt-free!

The info in this study jibes with others that suggests that STEM fields are the way to go for making big bucks in the coming years. But if the lack of artsy job openings bums you out, fear not — there’s always the possibility of creating your own job that showcases your creativity (ask any of these ladies who quit their day jobs and never looked back).

The future is bright, ladies — better grab some shades!

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(h/t University of Michigan; photo via @kyliejenner )