If you thought we were all freaking out over Beyoncé’s new visual album, Lemonade (which, of course, we SO are!), then you’ll definitely want to check out how celebrities are reacting, because OMG they’re going nutso. For reals, grab yourself a cup of Beyoncé’s beloved grandmother’s “sacred” lemonade and enjoy these stars totally fan-girling (and fan-boying) over mighty Bey’s newest music.

Zendaya posted a pic of her Lemonade experience with the caption, “One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the honor of being apart of…Black. Girl. Magic.”

Tituss Burgess was as stunned and awed as the rest of us.

And Laverne Cox was downright moved to tears.

Kerry Washington was pulled into a Beyoncé vortex (before pulling herself out in time for Game of Thrones).

But didn’t find it that easy to shake it off.

Uzo Aduba broke down her love of Lemonade.

Then added…

Kylie Jenner put it simply, but yeah.

Anna Kendrick found it to be a transformative experience.

Demi Lovato found it twisted and dark and f*cking loved it!

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@beyonce 🍋🍋🍋🍋

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Serena Williams also posted a pic of herself along with the Lemonade queen, and it’s almost too amazing to handle.

And sis Solange was all about the strength and support.

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(h/t Bustle, photo via @Beyonce)