Beyoncé’s brand new visual album Lemonade may have had us focusing on the sacred sanctity of marriage (and the bat-carrying, everything-smashing consequences of cheating), as well as the sacred amazingness of B herself, but Queen Bey also wants us to enjoy the “sacred” lemonade recipe handed down to her by her beloved grandmother. Yes, there really is lemonade behind Lemonade, and you’re gonna love it!

Here’s how to make Beyoncé’s grandmother’s sacred lemonade:


— 1 pint water

— 1/2 lb. sugar

— 8 lemons


— zester

— 2 jugs

— clean napkin

fresh lemonad in the jug and on a table


1. First, pour 1 pint of water into a large jug. Then, add 1/2 lb. of sugar and the juice of eight lemons into the jug of water. Next, zest half a lemon and add to the jug. Stir.

2. Once mixed, gently pour the water from one jug, then into the other, making sure to do this several times.

3. Finally, strain through a clean napkin.

4. Drink up, buttercup!

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(h/t BuzzFeed, Photos via @Beyonce, tycoon751/iStock)