Welcome to our food series called Eat It Up, where we share the kitchen gadgets and foods that we can’t cook without.

Saving the world isn’t easy, but there are small things we can do to make a difference, like cutting down on food waste. Instead of throwing away food-gone-bad, look to convenient new food storage options before it spoils. These are our favorites for produce, dry goods, and leftovers.

Best For Storing Produce

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver ($10-$26): There’s nothing quite so annoying as stocking up on fancy organic produce only to find it rotted and slimy in the back of your fridge a day later (here’s looking at you, spring mix). Enter Rubbermaid’s line. It uses its FreshVent filter technology to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the container. A crisp tray at the bottom of each container elevates the produce away from any moisture that’s pooled there. Berries, kale, and even delicate greens will last days longer than you’re used to, so you can eat your healthy veggies and fruits instead of throwing them in the trash.

Best For Storing Dry Pantry Goods

Princess House Dry Goods Storage Container ($43-$47): It feels like we’re constantly finding little bags of whole grains and beans shoved in the back of our cupboards, and we’re left with no idea as to how long they’ve actually been back there. That’s when Princess House containers come in handy. The BPA-free see-through glass containers make it easy for you to tell what’s actually in your pantry, and the seal will keep mites and bacteria out of the container so your food will last longer. Even better, each one is equipped with an adjustable date dial to keep track of how long your food has been in the container. You won’t have to worry about eating expired oats or rancid rice ever again.

Best For Leftovers

OXO Smart Seal Glass Food Storage($6-$80): These glass containers feature secure, air-tight lids to prevent spills (we’ve tried and tested them). You can also microwave your food right in the container, making it easy to eat when you’re pressed for time, and you can throw everything in the dishwasher right after. Their stackability also makes them a great choice for meal prep.

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(Photos via Getty, Princess House, Rubbermaid, and OXO)