It’s no secret that we’re low-key *obsessed* with tiny spaces. We even launched a video series on just that. And while this small-space living trend has been going strong for some time now, we still can’t get enough of it. The gorgeous digs below are especially miniscule and are all found on Instagram. Get ready for serious inspiration, ’cause these homes will inspire your big #tinylife dreams.

1. Contain Yourself: This multi-container home offers an abundance of light and instant pick-me-up colors. One thing’s certain: It will never be tiny on cuteness.

2. Storage Solutions: When it comes to the tiny house movement, the key is to own less stuff and enjoy more freedom. The open shelving and built-in bookcase in this space make it easy to organize your goods and save floor space, which is a tactic you can totally borrow if you’re not quite ready to shed your earthly belongings.

3. Keep It Light: An abundance of windows and wooden floors make this portable home feel open and airy. Drawers under the bed and extra cabinets in the kitchen help store essentials.

4. Room for Everyone: You won’t believe how many humans and fur babies fit into this tiny home! Follow them on Instagram to find out just how many live in this 188-square-foot house on-the-go, and you’ll start re-thinking those “reasons” you can’t adopt a pup of your own.

5. A for Amazing: Imagine coming home to this tiny house every day, or even just on weekends. Take a note from these gorgeous windows and nix whatever drapery might be blocking your view.

6. All White Now: You’d be surprised how much you can actually fit into a tiny home. This house features a full kitchen, dining table, work-station and living room. Keep your decor light and bright to make your space feel bigger.

7. Environmentalist: This home on wheels is a minimalistic traveler’s dream! The green builder uses only the best materials, which, since they’re tiny, are also good for the environment.

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8. Cohesion Is Key: You don’t have to skimp on beautiful design when it comes to a tiny home. Believe it or not, its nickname is “The Mansion,” due to its massive size in the little home community. Borrow from its clean color scheme to give your home a similarly cohesive vibe.

9. She Shed: Tiny homes can be your main living space or even used for recreational purposes if you have the yard space. In just a weekend, you could have a new office, guest room or even pool house.

10. The Simple Life: This non-traditional, eco-friendly family lives in a boho-styled school bus. Go bold with your colors and patterns, then stock up on books and give yourself a weekend off the grid, with limited (if any) access to your cell phone.

11. Long Grain Style: Small spaces shouldn’t prevent you from adding large pieces. In fact, this full-size table serves as the focal point to this home. Use natural wood grain to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger — or just longer, like with that incredible ceiling.

12. Going Gray: This is one of the most stylish livable tiny homes we’ve seen thus far. The added touches of greenery and light paint make it feel more open and inviting. If an all-white kitchen isn’t your thing, add a touch of gray to define your workspace.

13. Window to Your Soul: This Australian tiny home builder is adding the final touches to the front of this teeny travel home. We must say, we love all of the windows he added but our fave is the signature round one. Hack the same look in your own home with a few frames around a large pane.

Want more decor ideas for your small space? Check out our Tiny Space series and follow us on Pinterest for tips, tricks and hacks for all your tiny living woes.