I decided it was finally time to share the secret approach I have to curling my eyelashes that I’ve been hoarding since high school. Are you ready? Two words: Blow. Dryer. Your first reaction is probably, “Wait, isn’t that going to burn my eyes or dry out my contacts?” If you do the beauty hack correctly, the answer is a firm NO. Unless you have the patience to faux lash it up daily or can afford to build time into your AM schedule for a mascara-heavy lash transformation, this just may become your own go-to trick for getting full, curled lashes in just five seconds. Most likely, you’ll have your blow dryer out already anyway! Here’s how to add the quickest eyelash blowout ever into your pre-work routine:

Prep: Proper Settings


Speed Power: Turn your blow dryer to the highest power setting — not the heat setting. You want the maximum power to push your lashes up and curl them back.

Heat Power: Make sure this is on medium, or low if your dryer only has two settings. The highest setting is TOO hot (trust me from the many times I’ve done this!).

Cool Shot Button: It’s important that you have this feature on your blow dryer for this hack. You will use this to cool the lashes off once they’ve been shaped into the curl. My dryer’s cool button is that blue button on the inside, but check your dryer’s manual just to be sure!


Nozzle Tip: Most blow dryers come with various interchanging tips. For this trick, you’ll want to use one with the flat tip. It will help you to have more control over the airflow and make your curling more precise. Get all the settings dialed in and then you’re ready to go.

Step 1: Mascara


You can apply one to two coats of mascara as long as you do so back-to-back. The trick to this is to blow dry your lashes while the mascara is still wet. Ready, set, blow!

Step 2-3: Blow Dry + Cool Shot


Working on one eye at a time, close the first eye gently and hold the blow dryer about 2 inches away from your eyelashes, letting the warm air push them up so they begin to curl (seriously, it’s kind of cool to see — with your other eye of course). Do this for no longer than five seconds (it really happens that fast).

Right before you switch to the cool shot button, hold your finger on your eyelash to reinforce the curl. Then, hold the cool shot button to cool off and set your eyelash in the curled shape. Repeat on the other side.


You can clearly see the difference. This extra step is actually faster than using an eyelash curler and has no risk of pulling out or, even worse, breaking your eyelashes off. I know this seems a little crazy (and definitely looks insane), but I live by it — it totally works! Remember a rule of thumb: If you feel at all even a little bit like the air is too hot, remove the air flow from your face immediately to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.


What are your secret beauty hacks? Share in the comments below!