Eggs are one of those rare foods that are appropriate at every meal and on almost every diet, from Keto to Paleo and Whole30 to vegetarianism. With all nine essential amino acids and seven grams of protein, making them one of the best sources available, eggs are an essential part of most people’s culinary routines. And the best way to cook eggs, and perhaps the most classic, is to fry them. While your first instinct may be to slice off a pat of butter to fry an egg, that’s actually not the ideal method. Instead, we recommend using olive oil.

Now, before you balk at this suggestion and point out the health concerns related to frying in olive oil, hear us out. Although olive oil has a relatively low smoke point of 325 to 375°F (165 to 190°C) and degrades more than other oils when exposed to high heat, you’re not going to be deep frying in this oil. In fact, studies show that frying in olive oil is not harmful to your health. Other studies even note that despite preconceptions, this Mediterranean staple actually performs admirably as a frying agent. If, on the other hand, you’re worried about infusing your eggs with the flavor of olive oil, let us assure you, this is a good thing.

How to Fry Your Egg In Olive Oil

When you fry eggs in olive oil, try to have them at room temperature for the best results. Even if they’re still a little chilly, make sure to have them at the ready. Since olive oil heats up quickly it’s only going to be about 30 seconds before you need to crack your eggs into the pan.

Once your eggs are sizzling in the hot oil, watch them carefully. Since oil is a different fat source than butter, the egg whites will get incredibly crispy in no time flat and the yolks will remain runny. Imagine that — no more over-cooked egg yolks! However, this also means that your eggs will cook quickly.

In addition to their texture, the taste of eggs fried in olive oil is also noteworthy. Olive oil gives your eggs a mellow flavor that’s an excellent canvas to which you can add salt, pepper, and a variety of herbs. It also makes your fried eggs great to put on top of a variety of dishes because they won’t have that salty, milky taste that butter leaves behind.

Personally, we think a sprinkle of dill along with a few sea salt crystals and cracked black pepper is all you need to enjoy this delightfully simple dish.

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(Photos via Jessi Devenyns / Brit + Co)