Something about second-day pizza (unless you like it cold) is never as satisfying as when it arrives freshly baked from the oven. Yes, you can reheat it, but zapping it in the microwave leaves your crust mushy. The oven is a reasonable choice, but sometimes you don’t want to heat up your entire house or waste so much energy for only a few slices of pizza. The real secret to restoring that crispy, charred crust you crave… lies in your cast iron skillet.

Pop your cold slice of pizza into a skillet on the stove top. If you have a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, even better. Turn up the fire to medium or medium-high heat, depending on if your pizza is thin or thick crust respectively, and then cover with a lid. Now step away for six minutes. When you return, you’ll have a warm slice of pizza with a crispy crust and melty cheese, exactly the way a slice of pizza should always be.

Note: If you have a super thick crust, you might need a bit longer until your pizza is heated through. If that’s the case, make sure you keep your eye on the pizza every minute or so after you pass the six-minute mark so that you don’t carbonize your crust.

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(Photo via Farizun Amrod / Getty)