Beyoncé was surely well aware of the epic-level of excitement that her pregnancy would cause along with the added news she’s expecting twins. While the big day gets ever closer, Queen B certainly isn’t hiding from the cameras and has just released a new set of pics that fans think might be very revealing. Social media sleuths and celebrity code-crackers think that we’ve been given a key hint to the names of Beyoncé’s new twins.

Beyonce and Jay Z

While we could easily see Beyoncé and Jay Z opting for a pair of names along the lines of Green Fern or Red Rose (ya know, in the same vein as Blue Ivy, natch), the soon-to-be parents of three might be thinking of something a little more luxe.

Beyoncé posted a montage to Instagram showing herself in a stunning form-fitting, full-length green dress and a collection of emerald and ruby-type stone-covered jewelry. Slaying her style as always, fans are not only totally loving the look — they also suspect there’s deeper meaning in the images.

Along with plenty of comments along the lines of “💗💗💗” and “😍😍😍,” fans also left name-related speculation, with sentiments along the lines of, “She’s naming the babies Emerald and Ruby just watch 🐝,” and “Mark my words, emerald and ruby.“ Although some feel like it’s the colors that Bey’s pointing to, adding,“Red and green? 💖💚.” And others are wondering if perhaps she was hinting at the big arrival date instead, saying, “Your having them in may???!!! (Because of the emerald).”

With Beyoncé’s knack for adding plenty of hints, nods, and layers to her performances and images, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of these guesses is totally on the mark.

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(Photo via Lester Cohen/Getty)