Y’all ready for this? It’s National Best Friend Day. That’s a real thing! As random as it is, we recommend using it as an excuse to tell that BFF of yours just how much you love them with a little somethin’ somethin’ from our shop.

1. You Are The Gin to My Tonic ($20): She’s the peanut butter to your jelly, the pad to your Thai and, of course, the gin to your tonic. Show your BFF just how much you care with a cheeky and perfectly sentimental print.

2. Pecos Handpainted Bracelet ($28): The modern friendship bracelet has become a style staple for fashion-forward ladies and summer campers alike. Give your #1 sister from another mister this hand-painted leather bracelet and it’ll definitely make her day a little brighter.

3. Mix Tape Stamp Kit ($20): Remember making mix tapes with your bestie? This nostalgic stamp kit makes for a cute throwback.

4. Friendship Bracelet ($18): More friendship bracelets? Yes please. These would also make really sweet bridesmaid presents, and are available in nine different colors.

5. LCD Message Card ($4): Say it with a card, because she really is DA best, yo.

6. Soy Glad We’re Friends ($18): This entire candle collection is called “Best Friends Bitches” so you know it’s on point.

7. Birds of a Feather ($12): Because you two do flock together.

8. Laser Cut Pendant Necklace Kit ($25): You know what they say about friends who DIY together? They totally stay together. This kit includes everything you need to make not one but two stylish laser cut pendant necklaces, made exclusively for the B+C Shop.

9. Solange Bangle Set ($30): For triplet besties, get this set of bangles and divide amongst yourselves.

Do you wish you still had your old school best friends necklaces? What other gifts for your fave ladies would you like to see in our shop? Talk to us in the comments below.