Adoring Disney more than we already do didn鈥檛 seem possible, but with the steady stream of live-action remakes in the works, we鈥檙e in pure movie-lovin鈥 bliss. If a Little Mermaid remake and seeing Emma Stone as Cruella in the new 101 Dalmatians story weren鈥檛 enough to get you giddy, news has just been released that a live-action Lion King is happening. Roooar! Or rather, yaaay!

Lion King

With no news yet as to an expected release date or any possible stars who might be on board to play (or rather, voice) the beloved characters, we do know who will be behind the new Lion King.

Jon Favreau, who brought us The Jungle Book earlier this year, tweeted about his next project 鈥 and despite the fact that he didn鈥檛 quite confirm his part in the project, he really TOTALLY did with two specific emoji.

Fans were quick to (justifiably) freak out.

Some are super excited鈥

Others are a little worried (to say the least)鈥

Yet one dude won鈥檛 let the hype get him down鈥

Hakuna Matata, friends!

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Disney)