Blake Lively is currently traveling all over the world filming her latest feature All I See Is You and taking her 3.8 million followers (hi!) along for the ride. Aside from 鈥渂ecoming one鈥 with Italian food, she鈥檚 also goofing it up in the kitchen with her guacamole food baby jokes. Basically, the girl is not only a talented actress, she鈥檚 also a total Instagram comedian. Oh, and let鈥檚 not forget a style icon 鈥 her maternity style was gorg, her hot 鈥渂ronde鈥漢air color launched a thousand copycats and her denim game is so on-point we had to DIY a pair of her $500 cherry blossom jeans ourselves.

Blake鈥檚 back with a new pair of denim that will inspire your late summer pair. Her latest video on Instagram shows her racing office chairs with a friend, which she captioned: 鈥淪o, I鈥檝e finally found a talent. Watch out world. The Indy Chair Racing contest is coming for you鈥 #RaddestJeansEverHuh?! #NoticeMyFaceAtTheEnd Turns out other people weren鈥檛 so happy about my talent.鈥

Blake鈥檚 face is hilarious in the video and racing chairs looks kinda fun. Buuuut we can鈥檛 help but notice that yes, she really is wearing the #raddestjeansever that are not only perfect for the last months of summer, but DIYable as well. Here are some ways you can hack your own pair at home (chair-racing is optional).


1. Scrunch+ Bleach Chambray Shirt: Mix three quarts of bleach with three quarts of water in a bucket. Then, use rubber and tie up a pre-washed chambray shirt however you鈥檇 like until it鈥檚 been crushed into a bounded ball. Let the shirt sit in the bleach mixture for 15-20 minutes before rinsing clean with cold water. Once it鈥檚 dried, it鈥檚 ready to wear. Wear rubber gloves when handling bleach to avoid burns! (via Honestly WTF)


2. Bleach-Dipped Ombr茅 Shorts: For this DIY, clip your jeans to a pants hanger or loop a ruler through the belt loops to ensure an even dip. Next, fill a bucket (or in this case, sink) with your bleach + water combo (one part bleach and one part water) and dip your pants in. The bleach will creep up the fabric depending on how long you leave it in, so keep that in mind! When you鈥檝e gotten it to where you like it, rinse with water and put 鈥檈m through the dryer. (via Dearest Jack Daw)


3. Paint Splattered Boyfriend Jeans: Here鈥檚 a DIY project for the bleach-averse, since we know how nasty that stuff can get on the skin. Place your jeans on a drop cloth because there will be paint everywhere. Splatter some paint (it looks like Blake used dark paint on light jeans, so just do the inverse of this ;) to create whatever design you鈥檇 like. (via Brit + Co)

4. Cut Up Your Jeans: There are several tools you can use to distress your jeans, like tweezers, razors and even sandpaper. This video tutorial makes it easy to nail the cut up, worn-in chic look that Blake rocks in the vid. (via JairWoo)

What do you think of bleached jeans? Will you be rocking this DIY? Tell us in the comments below!

(Featured photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)