We’re in love with Blake Lively all over again. This time it isn’t because of her heart-throb husband, or the fact that she’s as crazy about cupcakes as we are or even because she’s the most glamorous mom-to-be EVER. It’s because Blake has made it totally acceptable — and classy — to live in a coat. Rather than letting the bump become an obstacle for personal style, Blake has shown us how to embrace it. It’s winter (practically) and you’ve got a baby (bump) to keep warm. So take a cue from Blake and style that bump in the perfect coat. From fab outerwear to extra-roomy blanket wraps, here are 18 cozy-chic pieces to help you turn heads just like Blake.

1. Patch Pocket Coat ($198): This slightly edgy piece comes with lots and lots of pockets for tissues and lip gloss and lotion and snacks and all kinds of goodies that every mom-to-be needs on hand.

2. Satellite Image Swing Coat ($168): So cozy, it might as well be a blanket. You’ll reach for it on those days when it’s too cold to leave the bed in the first place. (Umm, are we the only ones who feel like that all winter?)

3. Lightweight Hooded Parka ($67): You’ll be asking for permission to wear this parka every day. It’s designed for every stage of pregnancy, complete with a drawstring waistline that might even work with your post-baby wardrobe.

4. Wide-Cut Yellow Coat ($99): Finally, an on-trend, on-budget oversized coat that your growing bump will fit in. Virtual fist-pump, everyone!

5. Pleated Swing Coat ($198): This swing coat is wildly popular and perfectly cut: not too short or too long.

6. Hooded Wrap Coat ($119): This wrap coat looks sumptuously soft. Go for the luxe.

7. Swing Coat with Contrast Faux Fur Collar ($162): Here’s all you really need to know: It looks great with everything.

8. Wool Blend Blanket Wrap ($950): Stay chic throughout your pregnancy with an oh-so-stylish blanket wrap. Who doesn’t want to wear a blanket?

9. Poncho with Fringing in Plaid Check ($198): Ultimate comfort meets contemporary, chic design in the form of an incredibly cozy poncho. Who else is dying to get their hands on this plaid piece?

10. Belted Padded Jacket ($105): Wrap yourself up in a cozy piece that’ll bring you warmth and turn any “frumpy day” to fab.

11. Belted Maternity Coat ($299): Belt that bump for a flattering effect.

12. The Trench Coat ($318): Ideal for those days when you need an effortless way to stave off a chill during your a.m. commute… or when you simply need a rain shield for your baby bump. You need this classic trench in your wardrobe.

13. Oversize Coat with Waterfall Drape ($208): It’s kinda convenient that the oversized coat is on-trend — that belly will have plenty of room to grow.

14. Fold Coller Zip-Up Coat ($149): Timeless, sleek and sophisticated, in an Aubrey Hepburn sort of way.

15. Parka With Detachable Faux Fur Lining ($142): Stay warm and look cool in a faux fur-lined parka.

16. White Maternity Coat ($65): In case you needed more proof: Here’s clear evidence that you not only can wear white after labor day, but you MUST.

17. Pendleton Chaparral Reversible Poncho ($399): Well, isn’t this an eye-catcher? Wear this stunning poncho and make a real statement today, then reverse and repeat tomorrow.

18. Michelle Kim Coat ($575): Want Blake’s real-life pregnancy wardrobe? This amazing coat is so adored by Blake that she owns it in all three colors.

Which of these coats could you get cozy in? Tell us all about your faves in the comments below.