It’s no secret that we love us a little reverse tie dye around here. We’ve given the bleach dye treatment to scarves, t-shirts and denim cocktail napkins, and now we’re onto our sneaks! This post is part of a partnership with Target that’s all about kicking your summer up a notch. For more summer style tricks, be sure to check out Target’s #SummerUp Pinterest board. Now, onto these kicks.

 Converse One Star Oxfords

– white vinegar

– bleach

painter’s tape

bleach pen

 spray bottle

– protective gloves

– foam brush

– drop cloth

– plastic bucket or bin

We picked up three pairs of Converse One Star Oxfords from Target to experiment with. We ended up going for a Galaxy Print style as well as a Two-Tone look.

For tools, you can find most of these things at a grocery store, pharmacy, or Super Target.

1. Two-Tone Sneaks: These sneakers take a cue from the dip dye methods we’ve been loving for a more subtle color blocked look.

Tape along the sole of the shoe. If you don’t, bleach has a tendency to turn the white rubber yellow. Pour bleach into a small container. Use a sponge brush to “paint” about halfway up the shoe. The fuzzy line gives the illusion of a slight gradient, instead of being a severe line. Peel off the tape.

To stop the bleach from bleaching (as in: getting lighter and lighter), it’s time to dunk your shoes in a vinegar bath. Ours was about 1 cup vinegar and 7 cups water.


These definitely have a summer vibe – we can see easily spending an entire weekend wandering around San Francisco in these kicks.

2. Galaxy Print: We’ve dabbled in a galaxy print before, so you may already know that method employed here.

Fill a spray bottle with 1 part bleach, 2 parts water. Tape the sole to protect it. Then simply spray! You’ll want to get closer and farther away from the shoe for variation of pattern.

Again, remove the tape and dunk your shoe once the bleach has created a color and pattern that suits you.

Don’t they just make you want to jump?! :)

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Have you come up with any creative ways to spruce up or update old shoes? Talk to us in the comments below.

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