First of all, we’ve got a secret to share. A jersey-knit scarf is also known as a quarter yard of jersey-knit fabric available at your local fabric store. Jersey is the same as t-shirt fabric, and comes in a variety of blends and softnesses (just like that scarf you bought at American Apparel).

Next up, the bleach. We’ve used the bleach dye method before for our denim cocktail napkins, but now we’re getting a little more stylish with it. Using a combination of painting techniques, old school tie dye, and a little galaxy-inspired improvisation, here are 3 ways to create your own reverse dyed scarves. Oh, and the best thing about using jersey-knit fabric? No sewing required!

 – jersey-knit fabric (each scarf we made was a quarter yard)

– bleach

– spray bottle

– plastic drop cloth

– plastic bucket or bin

Your setup for this is key. Bleach is a tough cookie to work with so make sure you’ve got a well-ventilated space and a drop cloth.

First, we got into it with our painter’s tape. Lay two pieces of tape along the full length of your scarf, three to four inches apart. Then use tape to make whatever pattern you like. We went with something geometric. Now, tape your drop cloth to the edges of your tape so that the un-taped part of your scarf is protected.

And spray! See how the fabric transforms from navy blue to maroon to red?! So cool.

For our second scarf, we decided to go a little nuts with the spray bottle to create a solar system-inspired look. We were inspired by this tutorial.

Lay your scarf out on your table (still protected by a drop cloth). Spray from varying distances to create greater concentrations of stars in certain places. Pour a few capfuls of bleach sporadically on the scarf to signify bright stars or galaxies. Let sit for 5 minutes and then rinse and set with cold water.

Love the combination of rustic earthy tones with nerd space-age designs. Isn’t it neat how each jersey knit fabric bleaches into a totally different color?

Last, the tie dye! The best part about tie dye is that it’s all about twisting and tying with rubber bands. You can’t really go wrong. We tried one with a few different pleats and one where we just freestyled. Once you’ve folded or twisted, use rubber bands to secure everything. Submerge the entire scarf in bleach and let sit for 5 minutes or so.

Use scissors to cut off the rubber bands and reveal your masterpiece.

These are great for staying cozy and stylish all at the same time.

Plus, this scarf just happens to match these grapes. Coincidence? We think not.

So much colorful coziness!

Have you tried using bleach to reverse tie dye before? Any other stylish takes on old school crafts? Talk to us in the comments below.