Having sopping wet hair after you step out of the shower is pretty standard. No matter how much water you (gently!) squeeze out of it with a towel, it’s still a cold, wet mess that inevitably drips down your back, causing you to squirm — so naturally, you reach for your blow dryer (because you already know what air drying your hair does to it, riiiiight?), crank it up and blast away that wet hair. This might sound like a familiar routine to you, but it might be time to rethink it.


Using your blow dryer on its high heat setting is not doing your hair any favors; it can actually be doing more harm than good. Instead of turning to the highest heat option, use the *low setting* to dry your hair (or give it a smoothout). The high setting is intended to be used on dripping wet, suuuper thick hair for a minute (maybe two) only — otherwise, you can end up damaging your hair and causing breakage. Basically, use the high heat setting very, very sparingly, if at all.

The next time you’re going to blow dry your hair, focus on getting it 85 percent dry with that trusty low heat setting. Then, when you’re ready to style it with a round brush (or whatever your tool of choice is), flip the dryer to the cold setting — this will seal the hair cuticle, keep your style intact and add a healthy dose of shine. The more you know, people!

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(h/t She Finds)