Pregnant women, rejoice! We have the ULTIMATE summer hack for you. Grab those old bodycon dresses and add a cute backside panel to give your baby bump some room. By experimenting with the width of the panel you can make the dress as tight or loose as you want. We suggest keeping it on the tighter side to show off those amazing pregnancy curves!


Shout out to our model and marketing maven Cameron, who absolutely rocked this shoot!


– bodycon dress

– cotton fabric


– sewing machine

– ruler

– scissors

– sewing pins


1. Find the center of the back of the dress.

2. Create a triangle that measures six inches on the bottom and comes to a point at the top center of the dress. Cut it out!

3. Lay that triangle on your new fabric. Mark the height of that piece and create a bottom measurement of 20 inches. Use the ruler to draw the sides of the triangle.

4. Cut out the new triangle and pin to the dress. Remember to pin good sides facing inward.

5. Sew the two side seams of the triangle.


Our suggestion is to pick an color that will pop for the surprise back panel.


Find the center of the dress and create a vertical mark.


Use the bottom mark to help center your triangle. The base will measure six inches. Use the ruler to draw in the sides.


Cut it out!


Place your old triangle on top of your new fabric. Mark the height of that triangle and then create a bottom width that measures 20 inches. Use the ruler to draw in the sides.


Cut out the new triangle and pin to the dress. Remember to pin good sides facing inward!


Sew along the two sides of the triangle. And you are done!


Business in the front, party in the back. Just kidding — this dress is ALL party!


Can we all agree that Cameron is stunning? The back of this dress is the real statement, but if you want to glam up the front, add a cute necklace. We are currently obsessed with these wooden necklaces by Cuppacolor.


Bam! Check out that bright pop of lime green. Don’t be afraid to pair it with more bright colors! We chose to send her out on the town with one of our favorite bright colored clutches.


We also made a more subtle option for a afternoon summer BBQ. Hawaiian florals? Yes please.


If you’re juggling a toddler and have a baby on the way, a dangling statement necklace may not be for you. Dress up this cotton dress with bright colored bangles!


And just a reminder: Always flaunt the booty :)

Pregnant ladies! What are your favorite pregnancy style hacks? Tell us in the comments below!