This Baker Is Turning Heartwrenching Breakup Quotes Into Baked Goods
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This Baker Is Turning Heartwrenching Breakup Quotes Into Baked Goods

Ugh, breakups. They’re the actual worst. Sure, you can try to cheer yourself up with a viewing of Bridesmaids, a large pizza and maybe a hangout sesh with Amy Schumer, but TBH you’re probably just going to be mulling over those words exchanged during the breakup for a while. If you’re looking for a way to get them off your chest (and onto an art project) we highly recommend checking out Brooklyn-based baker Isabella Giancarlo’s Instagram.

Isabella, a designer and baker, has brilliantly created “Eat Your Heart Out,” a creative series that reimagines those hurtful words exchanged during a breakup as something sweet. 

Back in February, Isabella told Buzzfeed, “Part therapy, part poetry, through ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ I sought to sweeten words that initially took my appetite away.” At first, she took phrases from her personal breakups but now takes submissions through her website. Have a great line you want to part with? Send it her way here.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why this creative series is so powerful, but we’re going to narrow it down to the juxtaposition of the sad, sad words paired with a food we often associate with a joyous occasion.  It’s a little unsettling to see something like “I see you more as a sister” scribbled onto a delicious looking pie.  

This is making us VERY emotional, guys.

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