Imagine this: You’re walking through the local mall, looking to refresh your closet and stock up on some next-level basics. You need some fashion inspo, so you check out what the mannequins are wearing. That’s when you notice it. One of the mannequins is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. It’s breastfeeding.

No, this isn’t some crazy corporate decision to market a hot new brand. These special mannequins are part of a pro-breastfeeding campaign led by Amigos De La Lactancia, or Friends of Breastfeeding, and they are popping up in Bogotá’s Centro Mayor, the largest shopping mall in Colombia. Even though they may not make an appearance anywhere near you anytime soon, that doesn’t change the fact that this possible trend was started by a group dedicated to normalizing breastfeeding in public. We know you have questions about this awareness campaign. Read on for answers.

1. So, why use breastfeeding mannequins? Well, they certainly call attention to nursing mamas. Not only do these mannequins get shoppers to notice the breastfeeding subject matter, but they also normalize it. These aren’t figures who are hiding out in fitting rooms, skulking in bathroom stalls, or otherwise keeping their nursing kiddos away from the public eye. These mannequins show breastfeeding women out in the open, doing something that is completely normal — feeding their children. Mannequins are everywhere in a mall, so using them to normalize nursing (or take the stigma out of it) is kind of a no-brainer.

2. How can this help women? It’s inspirational! Maybe you’re toying with the idea of nursing. You’ve heard about the benefits, but you still aren’t entirely sure if it’s right for you. Hey, seeing one of these displays may just ignite something deep down inside of you. We get it. Breastfeeding is a totally personal choice. It’s a decision that only you can make for yourself and your baby. But, sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to see what you already know.

3. How can this help babies? When a mom-to-be sees one of these displays and decides to go ahead with nursing, baby can benefit. Breastfeeding may reduce your child’s risk of ear infections, asthma, leukemia, obesity, and eczema. It may also lower your baby’s chances of diarrhea, vomiting, and lower respiratory tract infections. If the breastfeeding mannequins help a mom make the decision to nurse her newborn, her baby may just reap the healthy benefits that mom’s milk provide.

4. How can I see the display? This is a totally rad way for people in Bogotá to get used to seeing baby at mom’s breast. But it’s not always feasible (or ever feasible) to jet down to Colombia to catch a glimpse of this daring display. That doesn’t mean you have to forget all about the message behind the breastfeeding campaign. Amigos De La Lactancia’s Instagram is packed with pics of the displays. Not only do they feature photos of the mannequins, but they also post pictures of people interacting with them. There are women, moms with their children, and even real-life breastfeeding moms next to the breastfeeding mannequins.

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(Featured photo via @amigosdelactancia)