Not to brag, but we know how to nail Halloween costumes around these parts. Want to know our big secret to making our costumes go from good to great? HAIR. Every costume that we create — for ourselves *and* our little ones — is topped with an adventurous and totally in-character hairstyle to kick it up a notch. It’s the necessary cherry on top :) Today, we’re partnering with JOHNSON’S® to share 11 Halloween hairstyles you can whip up and easily detangle for the big spooky day, for you or your kiddo.

halloween kids troll hairstyle

What goes up must come down, so we’re thankful for products like JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray to help us undo those updos with a super conditioning formula that unlocks knots and tangles. So go forth and be adventurous with that hair!


First up, a majorly adorable (and easy!) troll hair tutorial, modeled by our very own B+C junior teammate, Frankie!


1. Troll Hair: We sprayed dry shampoo throughout Frankie’s hair to give it a more gritty texture. Then we used a comb to tease, tease and tease some more, starting at the roots and working upward. Once every inch of her head had been back-combed, we pulled all the hairs up into the troll silhouette and pinned the outside perimeter into the inside structure with bobby pins. We locked it all together with a strong, kid-safe hairspray. Then we finished the masterpiece with hot pink hairspray, starting at the roots and spraying to the top. Easy peasy!

Flapper Faux Hair Bob Halloween Hairstyles

2. Flapper Faux Hair Bob: Heading back to the roaring ‘20s this Halloween? This genius faux bob works on hair of *all* lengths and thicknesses and will take your getup to the next level. Part the hair to the side and curl the locks. Back-comb the top section at the crown of the head, then gently comb to reshape and smooth the curls. Pull the hair into a loose pony, then twist and tuck under the hair up into the nape of the neck. Secure by cross pinning the twisted hair. Carefully separate the hair to disguise the pony and finish with a coat of hairspray. Add a sequin band and be on your roaring way!

Glamour Girl Glitter Part Halloween Hairstyle

3. Glamour Girl Glitter Part: Face it — we all have Halloweens where our costume is a bit more ambiguous than we planned. If you’re scrambling for a last-minute look, try this amazing glitter roots treatment. First, hairspray your roots, then paint a layer of glitter glue using a makeup brush. Next, using a fluffy makeup brush, sprinkle on two shades of loose glitter before the glitter glue dries. Top with a final layer of hairspray to lock in those sparkles!

Princess Braid Halloween Hairstyle

4. Princess Braid: Halloween is the *best* excuse to be a princess for a day. Chances are that romantic, billowing dress will look even more regal with a boho crown braid. Give the hair a healthy side part and Dutch braid at a diagonal until you’ve swept up the hair until the 7pm mark on your head. Finish this strand with a regular braid and tie with a small elastic. Take the braided tail and wrap it around the head to make a crown, pinning as you go. Sweep the unbraided hair to the side, back-comb it, then loosely braid it down to the end. You can finish the braid with an elastic or, if the hair is long and thin enough, tie it into a knot. You’re done!

Intergalactic Halloween Hairstyle

5. Intergalactic Gal: Pair a futuristic pony with some metallic clothing for an out-of-this-world costume. This hairstyle is a cinch — literally — to create: Simply make a high, tight side pony, then add elastics every three inches down the tail. Pull the hair outwards to make a pouf between each elastic. If you need more volume, try back-combing the hair. Complete the ‘do with a coat of hairspray.

Black Cat Halloween Hairstyle

6. Black Cat: Why mess with a classic? The black cat is a tried and true costume, and this quick pony updo is sure to elevate the look. Make a super high fluffy ponytail, then smooth the top down with hair balm. Finish with a pair of cat ears. DONE!


7. Hair Bow Bun: Again, this is a *perfect* Halloween hairdo, yet it doesn’t have an obvious costume to accompany it. But why let that stop us from donning the ‘do for All Hallows Eve? French braid from the nape of the neck up to the crown, then add the rest of your hair to make a high and tight ponytail. Spray to seal. Use an elastic to create one large loop, but be sure to leave hair at the end to secure your bow. Separate the loop into two parts, then wrap the remaining hair around the center of the bow. Pin the ends into place.


8. Clown ‘Do: No, that’s not a wig — this clown ‘do is actually made of Anj’s real hair! See how much magic a bit of back-combing can do?! Anj curled all of her hair into tight ringlets, then teased the HECK out of each lock. She used small pins to secure into place, then kept back-combing until she had a full-on pouf. MAGIC.


9. Warrior Braid: TBH, we’re not opposed to wearing this braid on any given Tuesday, but it’d be especially killer on Halloween :) Separate hair into two clean sections and make a tight, high ponytail with the top. Braid the tail all the way down, secure with an elastic, then loosen the braid. Make a tight and low ponytail with the extra hair. Take the lower ponytail and separate it into three sections (like you would for a normal braid). Consider the middle section and the thick braid you just created to be one section. Incorporate the two braids together by creating one big braid with the lower ponytail and thick braid you created earlier. Braid until you reach the ends and secure with an elastic.


10. Milkmaid Braid: AKA the French crown! The key to keeping this updo UP? Tons of bobby pins. Part your hair to the side, then start French braiding around the perimeter of your hairline until you’re at the opposite side of your head. Braid the remaining hair into a regular braid, secure with an elastic, then wrap the braid up to complete the circle. Loosen the braid throughout, then tuck the tail end in to hide it. Secure around the braid with pins, add a layer of hairspray and you’re good to go.


11. ‘40s Broad Bangs: We love this one for its mix of comfort and ‘40s glamor. Make a sleek and elegant bun at the nape of the neck, leaving a large section of hair out at the front. Separate this section into two strands and curl each with a one-to-two-inch curling wand. Slowly remove the wand and pin each curl at the base of the curl using a duck bill clip. Wait for the curls to cool, then pull out the clips. Gently comb through the curls, then shape them into place with your fingers.

And just because, here are more adorable photos of Frankie, our li’l troll doll!


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There you have it! 11 adorable hairdos to take you and your kiddo’s Halloween costume from zero to hero. Happy hallowdays!

Hair + Makeup Styling: Misty Spinney
 Photography: Chris Andre + Kurt Andre