The reception planning is underway. The food has been ordered and the centerpieces are being assembled. But did you remember the bride and groom chairs? This is your wedding day, lady! You and your honey gotta have extra awesome adornments on your chairs. Make things personal with hand-drawn silhouettes or keep things comfy with Mr. and Mrs. pillows. Whatever your wedding style, here are 39 ideas for beautiful bride and groom chairs.

1. Silhouette Drawings: Frame a customized silhouette of you and your partner for a keepsake you can admire long after the reception. (via Intimate Weddings)

2. Gold Leaf Calligraphy Sign ($94): Make things a little sparkly with these hand-guilded “I belong with you” and “You belong with me” gold leaf calligraphy chair signs inspired by The Lumineers’ song. Also, how cute would these be hung up in the house after the wedding?

3. Simple Streamers: Skip the text. Cover your chairs in whimsical steamers and ribbons. Keep all the other chairs simple to make yours pop. (via Babble)

4. Floral Backing: Pretty bouquets don’t have to be only for centerpieces and walking down the aisle. Adding flowers is a fun yet sophisticated way to make your chairs stand out. (via Brides)

5. Painted Wood: Say it simply with two pieces of rustic wood and a bit of pretty hand lettering. (via Yes Baby Daily)

6. Glamourous Gold Frames: Here’s an easy DIY to class things up. Find an ornate frame, and if it’s not gold already, paint it. Add in two Mr. and Mrs. signs and find some matching ribbon to hang them. (via Brides)

7. Sweet and Simple: Less is more with these Mr. and Mrs. chairs. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

8. Mini Garland: Make two miniature bride and groom garlands for the back of your seats or make one larger one with your new last name and use it to connect your chairs. (via Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog)

9. Picture Perfect Posies: Here’s a bouquet you can hold onto after you’ve tossed your bigger one to a lucky bridesmaid. (via Bridal Musings)

10. Streamers and Burlap: If you want to take it one step above just streamers, add a plain burlap sack over the chairs. It isn’t going to look super exciting on its own, but customize it with a “Mr. and Mrs.” and add steamers to the ends and it becomes an adorable accent. (via Intimate Weddings)

11. Popping Roses: Rather than intertwining a whole strand of flowers with vines, make it pop with color by only incorporating a few vibrant buds. (via Style Me Pretty)

12. Chalkboard Signs: Have fun with some chalkboard pens and create a design together that works with your wedding style. Keep it small as a subtle accent or go big for a piece of decor guests will remember. (via Brides)

13. Floral Top: It’s like a floral crown for your chair. Substitute traditional roses for something even more dramatic, like peonies. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

14. Matching Pillows: Not a fan of all the hanging objects? Well here’s a comfy alternative that will look just as good in your house as it will in your wedding. (via Weddings Illustrated)

15. Pointing Arrows: “His and Hers” things can quickly become cliche, but this elegant reception is a perfect example of how to do it right. (via Wedding Chicks)

16. Tassel Chairs: Forget about the flashy words. Make your seating stand out with these two roped tassels. (via The Knot)

17. Sweet Garland and Signs: This display manages to be decadent in a neutral way. For chair backings with both garland and signage, keep colors subtle for an arrangement that doesn’t look too over-the-top. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

18. Digital Duo: Typography does all the talking here. Find two contrasting fonts and a saying you love, arrange it how you like, press print and voila! (via Style Me Pretty)

19. Streamers and Leaves: These decorations make us feel like we’re celebrating a wedding in ancient Rome. You and your new hubby will feel like an emperor and empress sitting in a regal display like this. (via Wedding Chicks)

20. Coral and White Chair Ties: The groomsmen won’t be the only ones wearing bow ties. Find two fabrics that work with your color palette and tie them to your chairs. (via The Knot)

21. Floral Arch: Take the floral backing up a notch by making it into an ombre arch. It’s a great way to make your chairs go together without actually having to connect them. (via 100 Layer Cake)

22. Tin Cans and Tradition: Everybody knows that classic wedding moment when the the bride and groom drive off into the sunset in a car trailing with tin cans. But who says it has to be a car? Here’s an adorable update on the tradition. (via Intimate Weddings)

23. Foreign Favorite: Take some international inspiration from this Italian wedding. Write your Mr. and Mrs. in a different language for a mysterious, romantic touch. (via Style Me Pretty)

24. Bundled Blankets: Planning a winter wedding? Here’s a charming way to keep things cozy. This would be super easy to set up. All you have to do is make Mr. and Mrs. signs and tie them around two pretty blankets. (via Wedding Chicks)

25. Swooping Vines: Rather than keeping the attention along the top of the chair, make a U shape by swooping around the bottom. A lush vine like an olive branch would work like a charm. (via Snippet and Ink)

26. Flowing Florals: If the plain green is a little boring for your taste, sprinkle in a few flowers. (via The Knot)

27. Geometric Mr. and Mrs.: A perfect solution for the modern, minimalist couple — these laser-cut signs will definitely be noticed, but won’t overpower the rest of the decor.

28. Sunkissed Seating: This setup kind of has the whole shebang. The engraved wooden signs are a great keepsake you can put on display even after you’re no longer newlyweds. (via Brit + Co)

29. Incognito Arrangement: Feather and glitter sound like they’d make the most dramatic garland ever, but that’s definitely not the case here. This bride and groom have kept their decorations almost the same color as the chairs, letting the glittered letters and assortment of feathers do all the talking. (via Ruffled)

30. Barely There Chair: So dainty it’s almost undetectable. Grab some vines, scissors, ribbon and floral tape, because this link shows you how you can put this pretty display together all on your own. (via Once Wed)

31. Ampersand: Tie your chairs together with a giant ampersand sign! Find one at the craft store and paint it to match your wedding’s color scheme. (via Style Me Pretty)

32. Lush Garland: These black chairs and faded green vines go together like a match made in nuptial heaven. This super lush garland connecting the two chairs is a modern and charming way of celebrating your union. (via Wedding Chicks)

33. Pastel Streamers: This super sweet elopement shoot was inspired by The Little Mermaid. We’re thinking if Ariel gave up her beautiful mermaid fin for Prince Eric, she’d probably be freaking out over these multicolored streamer chairs resembling a flapping tail. (via Ruffled)

34. Sewing Signs: Have a knack for embroidery? Show off your skills by stitching two colorful embroidery rings and placing them on the back of your chairs. Leave enough fabric in the back to turn it into something cool afterwards. (via Bridal Musings)

35. Sign Language: Instead of the classic “Mr. and Mrs.” signs, switch things up by using a two part phrase that you both love. (via Wedding Chicks)

36. Ombre Tails: Here’s an awesome DIY option for a playful bride and groom. All you need is some ribbon, scissors and patience to create a whole bunch of whimsical seating displays. (via Wedding Chicks)

37. Wreath Backing: If the back of your seat is round, a wreath would be a beautiful way to add a festive touch to your man’s chairs. (via Style Unveiled)

38. Star Wars Wicker: These famous quotes first uttered by Princess Leia and Han Solo get a charming makeover that looks much more earthy than sci-fi inspired. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

39. Rainbow Ribbons: Let your rainbow ribbons fly free! (via The Perfect Palette)

Did you have cool bride and groom chairs at your wedding? Share a picture with us!