Whether you call ’em escort cards, name cards, or table cards, these cards have one thing in common: they will definitely keep your guests organized! They’re a little way to show your creativity and personality in a form that everyone can take home. I myself just got married a couple days ago, and loved scouring the web for all sorts of festive ways to combine table cards with favors, and have fun with the whole thing. Here are 35 ideas to inspire the prettiest and most creative of tables.

1. Geometric String Art Escort Cards: The geometric trend is one of our current faves. String art is always a great look. The combination of the two? Epic. (via Oh Happy Day)


2. Timer Escort Cards: “Time to Find Your Seat”? Gotta love the pun! These timers are a cute touch and a great tangible addition to printed escort cards. (via Jesi Haack Design)


3. Mason Jar Escort Cards: Give your guest a glass as they walk in and they’re sure to partake in your refreshments :) We’re loving the crafty vibe of using mason jars as glasses and name cards. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


4. Airport Code Name Cards: Having a destination wedding or are you and your hubby-to-be just jet-setters? Either way, using airport codes as table numbers lets you create these adorable “ticket” escort cards. (via Style Me Pretty)


5. Crane Name Cards: Get your origami on with these elegant cranes. Cranes symbolize good fortune and if you make a thousand, you’re supposed to be granted a wish so get folding! (via Ruffled Blog)


6. Cassettes as Escort Cards: These cassettes-as-escort-cards were created for a Beatles themed wedding. They’re nostalgic, quirky, and a great way to give a favor along with your escort cards that’s unique to you. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


7. Jigsaw Puzzle Escort Cards: These pieces will “fit” into your wedding perfectly ;) We’re loving the modern vibe of the black on white on this table but we’re thinking these could look great in bright colors too! (via Junebug Weddings)

8. Cupcake Escort Cards: We’ll start out with a sweet treat that doubles as a way for guests to find their seat! The photos help guests located their cards quickly and the cupcakes are delicious and adorable. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


9. Polaroid Name Cards: Showcase the silly and sweet moments of your guests and get them in the mood to make some more memories at your event. (via Intimate Weddings)


10. Button Escort Cards: These escort cards are cute as a button! Scrounge up a bunch of different pretty buttons to adorn your simple cards and you’re good to go. (via Wedding Chicks)


11. Film Escort Cards: Are you a photography addict? These cards made from rolls of film are a great way to work your passion into your wedding. (via Style Me Pretty)


12. Fringed Tassel Escort Cards: These fun and fringey cards are crazy easy to make and allow you to incorporate your wedding colors into this part of the event. (via Confetti Pop)


13. Mini Lantern Escort Cards: Light up the night by having your guests carry lanterns to their tables. This is a pretty way to help your guests find their way to the tables at night! (via Project Wedding)


14. Seed Packets as Escort Cards: Let true love bloom by giving out seed packets as favors and escort cards. This will have your guests remembering your wedding for some time to come. (via DIY Wedding)


15. Terrarium Escort Cards: These little terrariums add a natural and earthy vibe to your event. (via Kelli Murray)


16. Wine Cork and Animal Escort Cards: Going a bit rustic? This take on escort cards would be perfect for a vineyard or barn wedding. (via Style Me Pretty)


17. Vintage Brooch Escort Cards: If you’re a little bit old school, score some pretty vintage brooches to add an elegant touch to your escort cards.(via Intimate Weddings)


18. Gold Tipped Feather Cards: A touch of glitz makes these feathers a gorgeous way to guide your guests to their seats. You know what they say about birds of a feather… (via Ruffled Blog)


19. Soda Pop Escort Cards: Whether you call it soda, or pop, or soda pop, it’s delicious and a great way to give your guests a bit of refreshment before the party gets in full swing. (via 100 Layer Cake)


20. Lips and Mustache Escort Cards: Doubling as photobooth props, these cards are whimsical and sure to please. (via Weddingbee)


21. Gold Animal Escort Cards: Yet another use for those gold animals we love, these little guys will help bring out the party animals in your friends and fam. (via Sugar and Chic)


22. Pinwheel Escort Cards: Bright colors and whimsical shapes make these table cards a must for an outdoor wedding in warm weather. (via Oh Lovely Day)


23. Baskets of Berries as Name Cards: Um, yum? Why can’t every wedding we go to provide us with some fresh berries before we even find our tables? If you snag this idea, we promise your guests will love you. (via Style Me Pretty)


24. Kaleidoscope Escort Cards: Ok, this just might be our favorite of the bunch. Perfect for the kids and kids-at-heart, these are the perfect way to add a touch of fun and personality into your big day. (via Project Wedding)


25. Mini Me Bottle Pendant Escort Cards: “I shall call him… Mini me!” You knew we couldn’t resist a good Austin Powers reference, right? Make your guests feel as special as Dr. Evil with these hilarious and kind of adorable name cards. (via Intimate Weddings)


26. Boozy Escort Cards: What better favor to offer your guests than a tiny bottle of booze? Get the party going right out of the gate with these table cards! (via Style Me Pretty)


27. Umbrella Escort Cards: Get carried away to a tropical paradise with these fun drink umbrella cards. (via Weddingbee)


28. Origami Heart Escort Cards: Get your escort cards in on your whirlwind romance by turning them into adorable hearts. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


29. Balloon Escort Cards: Definitely on the whimsical side, these balloons are super fun (and easy!) in the colors shown, but they could definitely be done according to your color scheme too. (via 100 Layer Cake)


30. Scrabble Name Cards: Are you a total word nerd? Show off your Scrabble skills by decorating your name cards with any extra tiles (or purchase some wholesale). This makes alphabetizing easy, which is a must if you have a big guest list.(via Style Me Pretty)


31. Noisemaker Escort Cards: Bring the noise! These will help get your partygoers in the mood to cause a little commotion… in a good way! (via A Subtle Revelry)


32. Watercolor Escort Card: Pretty, subtle, and simple, these would be great for virtually any wedding theme and could work with any color scheme. (via Once Wed)


33. Cutaway Name Cards: For some reason, these remind us of those old Scratch Art papers. Remember those? When you scratched away at the black paper, a rainbow of color would appear underneath. These are like the grown-up version of that and it’s awesome. (via Northstory)


34. Sea Glass Name Cards: Having a beach wedding? These simple cards are a great way to incorporate the natural beauty of the beach into your setup. (via Intimate Weddings)


35. Vintage Postcards as Seating Cards: If you’re having a destination wedding, make sure your guests have a way to write home about it! (via Style Me Pretty)

Which of the above is your fave? Did you (or will you) DIY the escort cards at your wedding? Talk to us in the comments below.