The holidays are all about getting together with friends. So, we got together with some of our BFFs to create a collection of brand new Brit Kit Collabs that you鈥檒l love to give AND receive! First up? Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed. As many of you know, Chelsea shares craft inspiration and tidbits of adventure on her popular blog. We put our creative heads together to create a Gold Leaf Leather Valet Kit鈥攊t鈥檚 the perfect gift for any guy (or girl!) on your holiday list.

But wait, what are Brit Kit Collabs? Glad you asked! We teamed up with eight of our favorite makers, bloggers and designers to create a brand new set of nine exclusive Brit Kits, just in time for the holidays. Head to the shop to check 鈥檈m all out, and read on to learn all about Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed.

You can get Chelsea鈥檚 Gold Leaf Leather Valet Kit right here in the shop for $35! Oh, and don鈥檛 forget to check out our gold leaf leather valet tutorial tutorial for more creative inspiration. Now, read on to learn more about Chelsea, her fave holiday memories and more!

First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and your company鈥檚 mission?

My blog, Lovely Indeed, is focused on inspiring people to live a creative, fun-filled, lovely life! I share bits and pieces of my family鈥檚 adventures, along with all of the little things that make life lovely. For me, that includes everything from making to travel to sharing more personal pieces of our lives. Lovely Indeed really is a place to come, be inspired, and get refreshed.

Why did you decide to start Lovely Indeed?

I began the blog when my husband and I got engaged. We had a very DIY wedding and it just started out as a record of all of the plans and projects we were making. Then it sort of took on a life of its own!

When did you first realize you love to make? When did you realize you could do this full-time?

I鈥檝e been making since I can remember, and I鈥檝e always loved it! My mom would treat us with trips to the craft store, and there was always some sort of project going on. A few years ago when I started to blog about making, I realized that it could actually be a job. I didn鈥檛 pursue it right away; rather, I just kept doing what I loved and eventually it became my line of work. I feel grateful for it every day.

What鈥檚 one piece of advice you鈥檇 share with other makers?

Something that I remind myself all the time is to do the things that make me unique, that make me happy, and that fulfill my creative tendencies. It鈥檚 so easy right now to see someone else鈥檚 work and (even unknowingly!) recreate it. But the most inspiring people are the ones who are really allowing themselves to come up with novel ideas and sharing them with the world.

What other creative hobbies do you have?

Before I was a blogger and maker, I was a musical theatre performer! (I still take the stage in a show or two each year.) So my other creative endeavors are singing, dancing, acting, and playing music. I play the piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, and a few other instruments as well. I love that it鈥檚 a totally different kind of creativity. Rather than making something tangible, when you sing or play or act you make something that just exists for a short time and is gone. It鈥檚 equally beautiful in a very different way.

The holidays are鈥 for family, friends, fireplaces, and being cozy.

My favorite holiday tradition is鈥 stockings on Christmas morning. I鈥檓 33 and Santa is still faithful!

No holiday meal is complete without鈥 rolls and butter. Butterrrrr!

My favorite thing to make during the holidays is鈥 my family鈥檚 old baking recipes. There is a pumpkin nut roll recipe that I just can鈥檛 go without over the holidays. Also, my grandmother鈥檚 cookies are a must.

My favorite holiday memory is鈥 Christmas caroling with my high school choir at The Fairmont in San Francisco. The most magical hotel lobby ever.

Deck the halls with鈥 as many Christmas trees as you can fit in your house.

My favorite holiday movie is鈥 White Christmas! I can do all the choreography.

All I want for the holidays is鈥 a healthy baby boy (due on Thanksgiving) who sleeps and eats well!

The best gift I鈥檝e ever received is鈥 a kids-sized guitar when I was little. I learned how to play on it and still have it now.

My favorite way to spread holiday cheer is鈥 singing carols!

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