Even realtors know that there’s nothing that makes a house feel like a home as much as the smell of fresh baked goods. That’s why they always use cookie-scented candles or pop a pie in the oven right before showing a new listing. A plate of fancy stuffed cookies sitting on the counter is oh-so inviting, and who can resist an artsy watercolor cake? But just like we sometimes can’t resist classic comfort foods, nothing hits the spot like old-fashioned baked goods made from scratch. Learn how to make these 15 desserts, and even your walk-up studio apartment will feel like the cozy home of your dreams.

1. Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies: Nothing tastes or smells as good as a freshly baking batch of chocolate chip cookies. Master the recipe for yourself, and you’ll never suffer through mediocre grocery store cookies again. (via Pinch of Yum)

2. Apple Pie: Homemade apple pie, with or without ice cream, is the best way to end a cozy meal. (via The Desserted Girl)

3. One Bowl Chewy Brownies: Clear your cupboards of those old boxed mixes, because it’s all about brownies made from scratch. This one-bowl recipe makes it easy to churn out batch after batch of chewy, chocolaty brownies. (via Nourish and Fete)

4. Blueberry Muffins: Save money at the coffee shop by learning how to make blueberry muffins at home. Top them with a tangy and sweet yogurt glaze and they’ll taste like the work of a pro. (via Sue Bee Homemaker)

5. Cinnamon Coffee Cake: Perfect for when you have guests in town, this easy cinnamon coffee cake can be snacked on all day. Set it out at breakfast, but don’t be surprised if you end up eating some with your afternoon tea and as a midnight snack too. (via Sugar Spun Run)

6. Lemon Bars: Tangy lemon curd nestled on a buttery shortbread crust will brighten up any dessert table. The blend of sweet and tart flavors and creamy and crispy textures makes it hard to stop snacking. (via I Knead to Eat)

7. Blackout Chocolate Cake: This endlessly chocolate confection is one of those desserts that’s always better when it’s made from scratch. (via Pinch of Yum)

8. Banana Bread: Banana bread is a good recipe to have up your sleeve. Not only does it make for an easy but impressive addition to brunch; it’s also the best way to use up any bananas that are past their prime. (via Saving Room for Dessert)

9. Maple Pecan Sticky Buns: Sweet enough to be dessert but full of breakfast flavors, sticky buns transform even the dullest mornings into a celebration. And once you taste them made from scratch (no canned dough here, people), there’ll be no turning back. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

10. Classic Yellow Funfetti Cake: Homemade baked goods don’t have to be a serious culinary affair. This colorful funfetti cake will bring back childhood memories, and remind you that eating the cake is just as fun as making it. (via Neurotic Baker)

11. Parker House Rolls: Make your meals better by serving them with a side of fluffy homemade rolls. Parker House Rolls have buttered tops that are sprinkled with salt, contrasting with their slightly sweet insides. (via Chef de Home)

12. Butterscotch Blondies With Walnuts: After you learn to make brownies, you’ve got to get a handle on their chocolate-free counterpart. Sweet like toffee, chewy butterscotch blondies are best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (via Munaty Cooking)

13. Snickerdoodles: Snickerdoodles are one step above a plain sugar cookie. A sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar somehow renders them even more irresistible than the classic frosted lofthouse cookie. (via Veronika’s Kitchen)

14. Homemade Soft Pretzels: Soft pretzels are the bomb, but when you get them at ballgames or carnivals, they’re often dried out and stale. Not so when you make them at home — every bite is moist, soft, and chewy, and best served with plenty of mustard. (via Chef de Home)

15. Peanut Butter M&M Cookies: Peanut butter and chocolate are great on their own, but even better in cookie form. (via Accidental Happy Baker)

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