Are you a duckface hater or a duckface defender when it comes to epic selfies? Whatever side you happen to take in the great debate, it’s all for naught nowadays, because it’s time to kiss duckface goodbye. A new trend is about to take 2017 by storm, and THIS is set to be the most popular selfie pose of the new year.

duckface selfies

First spotted by the fine folks over at Glamour, this is the pose that will knock duckface right out of the water — or at least out of your Instagram feed. It’s time to start practicing the hand-to-face trend.

Celebs and trend-makers are already embracing this pose with a fierce AF nature (natch)…

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burger please

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And you better believe there’s already a #handtoface hashtag to get your pose noticed…

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Thomas Barwick/Getty)