Contrary to what Beyoncé says, selfies actually rule the world. And the not-so-solo anymore shots are taking over your social feeds even further after the introduction of the selfie stick this year. We know many of you got a selfie stick in your stockings this year (one even found its way into our office’s own White Elephant gift exchange), we thought we’d give you a head start on ideas for creative poses. It is a requirement to step up your selfie game with the selfie stick, right? Check out 20 of the most epic ways to incorporate the selfie stick into your life from some crazy crafty Instagrammers.


1. @buraktuzer: Next time you go paragliding or skydiving, hand your instructor the selfie stick and let them snap away.


2. @bensheriff: Got your pilot’s license? Good. Snap a selfie before takeoff (please not during the flight). Not a pilot? Maybe try a ferris wheel selfie…


3. @yaetara: Next time you hit the hiking trail, make sure to include your selfie stick in your backpack essentials, because the views are more epic than an arm’s stretch allows.


4. @niltonrd: Chalk paint party + selfie stick = colorful memories.


5. @sharkbait_88: Take a dive with your selfie stick; you’ll impress (or terrify) yourself with how high that dive was.


6. @jasederulo: It’s cool to snap shots of the sea life, but why not take some pictures with them? Who knows, you could end up in Finding Dory ;)


7. @karischibevaag: Take a selfie while waterskiing because, you know, it’s not hard enough to simply waterski.


8. @extremetravel: There’s nothing better than a hot air balloon and some champagne as you overlook hundreds of other hot air balloons. Okay, a selfie while this is all going on would actually make this the best day ever.


9. @felixmcma: Before you hit the slopes have some fun on the lift with some gorgeous (and glamorous, duh) selfies.


10. @spliffin_shapiro: Once you hit the slopes, stop on the summit before heading down (or while you’re skiing) and snap some of the best shots that will ever hit your Instagram profile.


11. @mrluizfelipe: Grab that selfie stick before hitting the waves on your jet ski to make all your friends even more envious of the waves you’re catching.


12. @felipeherculano_: Casual hiking and waterfall scouting can turn into an epic photo shoot when the selfie stick is involved.


13. @cristianx: Make your canoe adventure even more epic. Hitch on a selfie stick, paddle away and snap that camera for some stunning shots.


14. @egorgiz: After you put those sails up and you’re coasting through the water, the next logical step is a selfie, right? Get a better view and extend the scene with a selfie stick.


15. @camiladiniz04: There’s only one way to fully capture an ice spa while hiking in the winter. With a selfie stick, naturally.


16. @fulks: Slides are fun and all, but they are without a doubt much more entertaining after the fact if you document the entire thing. Seriously, you’ll be impressed by all the crazy faces you make.


17. @diogodemelo: It’s not an epic shot unless you’re high up and can see a landmark and all the scenery around it.


18. @marquesnara: While you’re screaming, “I’M ON A BOAT!” why not also take some selfies with all the party boat-goers?


19. @gopromania: Take a zipline with a side of selfies and it’ll be the best ride of your life.


20. @aleeviag: Just how the Ancient Romans would want it. Document their Coliseums with your selfies ;)

Are you planning on recreating any of these epic selfies, or do you have new ideas? Let us know in the comments.