Every year, folks lug gallons and gallons of water, don insane costumes and/or body paint, bring mind-boggling sculptures they spent all year creating and make their way to Black Rock Desert in Nevada for one of the most epic festivals the world has ever seen. Even Katy Perry isn’t immune to the festival’s siren call.

Love it or hate it, Burning Man is one hell of an event (and probably the most DIYed festival ever). The 2015 iteration of the weeklong festival concluded yesterday and some of the images that have been shared on Instagram are absolutely breath-taking. Just take a look at some of the gorg pics of the event captured on social media.


1. Larger than life pictures: Is this a photo or a Dalí painting? People were striking poses all over Burning Man’s massive sculptures all week long. (via @hannahdilworth)


2. Body paint on point: This burner (that’s their lingo for Burning Man attendee) is sporting some choice face and body paint and posing with the Man who was, duh, burned at the end of the week. (via @buminthebus)


3. Electric floats: In the pitch darkness of nightfall in the desert, these neon lit floats must have been quite a sight to behold.  (via @oggreenthumb420)


4. Positive reminders: While all of the sculptures were awe-inspiring, some were literally inspiring. Massive letters spelling out “DREAM,” “LIVE” and “BE OK” decorated the Playa. (via @stephanykr)


5. Beautiful campsites: Burners set up incredible campsites in the middle of the desert, like this one where it’s yurts, floor cushions and Persian rugs galore. (via @marussia_yoga)


6. Unreal sunsets: The sunsets of Black Rock Desert are nothing short of breathtaking. The artworks lit up with lights in the evening don’t even look real. (via @never_ending_nights_)


7. The Temple of Promise: This gorgeous structure is known as the Temple of Promise was built by a the Dreamers Guild, a collective of collective of artist, builders and caretakers. At the heart of the temple is a grove of sculpted trees. (via @kimosab3)


8. Totem of Confessions: This configuration is yet another incredible piece of artwork that you can actually enter. In the center, there is a golden confessional that is supposed to be a “portal of revelation.” (via @victoriafranceb)


9. Desert landscapes: The white hot desert + endless blue sky + mountains in the distance equal one of the dreamiest landscapes ever. (via @sherandi)


10. Gorgeous costumes: Burners spend all year assembling colorful and insanely creative outfits for the festival. This lovely duo is sporting bright reds, flowers, fishnets and plenty of accessories that double up as UV protection in the blazing sun. (via @lys_inger)


11. R-Evolution sculpture: We wish this incredible piece was known as Burning Woman, but instead it’s called R-Evolution and it’s by San Francisco artist Marco Cochrane. Made with steel rods and mesh, this metal lady stands at an impressive 48 feet tall! (via @snellsonmandela)


12. Cruising along: Bikes are the main mode of transportation at Burning Man. Burners like to deck out their wheels with some sweet decor to offset their crazy costumes. (via @anya.s.litvinova)


13. Neon everything: This string art installation is lit up with bright lights for a super trippy effect. The art theme for this year’s event was Carnival of Mirrors and this psychedelic sculpture fits the theme to a T. (via @sightsnsoundswithsteph)

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