Other than her weird contribution to the Taylor Nicki beef, Katy Perry has been radio silence lately. Everyone kind of assumed she was working on a new album, recovering from her Prismatic tour or just frolicking somewhere in a pizza onesie.

Turns out we were all wrong. She was at Burning Man.

According to her Instagram (which I stalk obsessively scan for research) KP was at Burning Man this weekend, having kind of a hard time with a segway.

馃敟馃毃obvious first time burner alert馃毃馃敟

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For those not in the know, Burning Man is a week long festival that takes place in the desert in Nevada where people go to camp, make art, barter and trade and get sand wayyy up their noses. The festivities conclude with the burning of a giant art sculpture of a, you guessed it, man.

when u hand burning man the aux chord 馃敟

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Burning Man has long been seen as a creative, more alternative lifestyle kind of event that strays away from corporate sponsorship and all things bougie. Coachella it is not. Recently the soul of the fest have come into question (last year some tickets sold for over a mil) and more stars as huge as KP coming to the fest might signal a move toward the mainstream.

On a more upbeat note. Katy鈥檚 dad was apparently cool that his daughter spent the weekend as a Burner, choosing to show her up with his segway skills.

thanks dad 馃槕

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The lesson here is you don鈥檛 have to go to the desert to become a segway master!

Do you have any interest in going to Burning Man? Did you go this year? Also when did segways become cool? Tell us in the comments!

(Photos via @katyperry)