What did we learn from our recent couple photo contest? That you guys really know how to “Be Yourselves Together!” We had so much fun browsing through all the silly, serious, and romantic photos you submitted for this contest. But in the end, we could only choose a handful of our favorites to be the lucky winners of those coveted Target gift cards.

Our winning photo was the perfect example of just how much fun you can have when you really find a partner you click with. It comes from Gabriella, and perfectly embodies what it means to Be Yourself Together. The photo not only shows off each of their passions, but how they share them while maintaining a love for each other.

As for our runners up (some of them, literal runners!), we could see just from these photos how in sync you really are with your better half.

Book lovers make the cutest couples, don’t you think? Kelly definitely found her perfect match down to the matching glasses. We especially love the title Blobby Boys and are going to need to add that one to our reading list, stat.

Talk about a leap of faith! Kelly and her beau couldn’t be more daring in their matching superhero costumes while bungee jumping! The Superman (and Superwoman) capes make this one 10x more awesome. And is it just us, or does this also make you think back to the episode of Fresh Prince where Hillary gets proposed to by Trevor? Ouch.

Sometimes it all boils down to the person you can be silly with—especially when it involves silly string! Amira and her guy seem like a hilarious couple, no strings attached! (Sorry that there are way too many puns in this post. We can’t help ourselves.)

And finally, the couple that runs together is only outlasted by the couple that color runs together. This shot of Rob and his partner captures that perfectly! We love the creative vibe these guys portray.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up, and thank you to every one of you who entered! While we couldn’t give prizes to everyone, we couldn’t help sharing even more photos that really show you all being yourselves together. The photos below are going in our “honorable mention” category. Believe us it was hard to narrow down the winning set. To see even more photos, check out our Be Yourself Together Pinterest Board.

Which of these photos is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!