Look at all that color! It’s kind of amazing, right? You know you want in on this colorful action, and you might already have the tools to make it happen. These crazy colorful cake stands each took less than a minute to make — all you need is a plate, a glass, and a bit of glue. You’ll definitely want to pin this to your DIY Basics pinboard.

 – melamine plates

– melamine glasses

– hot glue or marine glue

– optional: cupcakes + cookies!

For this project, we stocked up on melamine glasses and dishes from Target. They’re cheap, light, and sturdy enough for a hundred layer crepe cake.

Here’s how to make your own!

1. Choose a glass and plate that go nicely together.

2. Squeeze glue onto the bottom of the glass.

3. Press the bottom of the plate firmly onto the glass.

4. Let dry and you’re done!

It’s seriously that easy.

We made one using these glasses and plates with leaf patterns.

More stripes and woodgrain.

A little zig zag action complemented by more woodgrain.

And that’s it!

But what about all the sweets on this awesome cake stands? Well, we simply hit up our local grocery store and loaded up on all the Valentine’s treats they had. Homemade is probably better, but we won’t tell if you don’t ;)

Have you made your own cake stand before? What other DIY Basics would you like us to tackle here on Brit.co? Talk to us in the comments below.