If you’re following me on Instagram (@thebritmorin), you know I’m a fan of two things: selfies and photos of Pixel. Thankfully, I’ve found a new app that will make all those pics 10 times easier to take. It’s called CamMe, and it lets you take that photo with your front-facing camera just by raising your hand. (Once you’ve taken those pics, you can make them look even better using some of our favorite photo editing apps.) The whole Brit + Co. team is a big fan of selfies. Just last week we sent out a call to show us your sunnies in conjunction with our ideas for dressing up your shades for National Sunglasses Day. So fun!

But back to the app. The magic of CamMe is that it uses gesture control to recognize when you want to take a photo. This makes it possible to take a great group shot, a shot holding something in both hands, or a full-length shot of that new outfit you just bought. Here’s how it works:

CamMe Gesture Control Photo App

Prop your camera on a table, or if you have a fancy iPhone tripod, set it up in that. Once you have the app open, follow the on-screen prompts. First raise your hand; then pinch your fingers together. This signals to the app that you’re ready to go.

CamMe Gesture Control App

The app will give you a count of three, tell you to smile, and then take the picture. Look no hands! So easy, huh?

CamMe is available for iOS devices, and you can download it in the iTunes store or head to their Facebook page for more info. I’m definitely going to be using this app to take better photos from now on. How about you?