Often, one of the worst things you can introduce to a budding relationship is politics. But one brave woman is attempting to make romance out of one of the most contentious political figures of our time: Donald Trump. (Perhaps it makes sense that she’s in Canada, slightly removed from the madness.) Sofi Papamarko has been a matchmaker in Toronto for years, and Trump’s rise in popularity gave her an idea for a new love-related venture.

Enter Canadian Girlfriend, an online dating site intended to set Canadian women up with American men looking to move up north if The Donald is elected. The site is tongue-in-cheek to be sure (and, we admit, pretty heteronormative), playing on the idea of an unseen girlfriend in Canada who may or may not be real and featuring, on the homepage, pancakes and maple syrup. But it has serious potential.

“My biggest business challenge is finding an equal number of commitment-ready men” for all the women on her roster, Sofi said over email, referring to the service she runs under the title Friend of a Friend Matchmaking. “As Trump began gaining steam and more and more Americans were Googling ‘How to move to Canada,’ I thought my roster of single women could certainly benefit from any incoming single Americans.”

Sofi explained that while her “bread and butter” is and will continue to be Friend of a Friend, that venture has limitations. A primary one is its geography-specific nature, tied to the city of Toronto, where there are many more available women than men. Canadian Girlfriend, by contrast, is open to women across Canada and men anywhere in the US. As Sofi put it, “Canadian Girlfriend is the maple syrup I drizzle on the bread and butter that I made French Toast with.” The sweet service runs 50 Canadian dollars (38 USD!) and sends you an email with at least one match, possibly more, depending on interests and interest level.


So is she rooting for a Republican victory in November, to boost business? Not exactly. Sofi said she’d feel much safer having Hillary or Bernie in charge of the launch codes than Donald Trump, but at the same time, she acknowledged that having four years of Trump might spur interest in cross-border relationships. If that happens, she’s ready to step in. Thus far, due in part to her existing client base and interest in the site in Canada, she’s had around 50 sign-ups, most of them being Canadian women.

Any people looking to lock down an international boo before the November election, just in case, might want to heed Sofi’s parting words and sign up soon: “Love should know no boundaries.”

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