Long distance friendships can be tough. So when a simple text or DIY friendship bracelet won’t do and both of you are finding it hard to schedule a Skype date, go for snail mail to capture your sentiments just right. You can tell your friend how much you miss them, how often you think of them and keep them in the loop with all the things big and small happening in your neck of the woods. Check out our sweet, silly and sentimental finds below.


1. Lucky for Us ($5): Remind your BFF how lucky you feel to have her in your life with this equally sweet and pretty card. It is guaranteed to brighten her day.


2. Snoop Braids ($30 for 6): This set of six cards is perfect for reaching out to your posse that’s spread out around the world. Feel free to freestyle your message to keep things cohesive.


3. Best Friend Ribbon ($6): Remind your bestie that she’s the best even when she’s on the opposite side of the country. Fill with fun memories and reasons why she’s your #1.


4. Miss You Mucho ($5): This cute card is the perfect pick to send to your best guy friend or girlfriend. They’ll love the bright colors and the sweet message you write inside.


5. Uteruses Before Duderuses ($5): Ovaries before Brovaries. If she’s the Amy Poehler to your Tina Fey, you need to mail this to your soul sister to remind her you always have her back.


6. Paper Airplanes ($5): Just like paper airplanes and under-the-desk notes during study hall, this fun greeting card is a great little way to keep your friends in the loop with what’s going down in your life.


7. To My Beastie ($5): Beasties forever! Here’s a silly card for your silly friend.


8. Best Buns Forever ($5): This cutesy card is bound to bring a smile to your best buddy’s face.


9. I Miss You ($5): This sultry card is just waiting to be filled with all the gossip and drama you want your friend to know.


10. True Friends ($7): This one’s for the friend who is always on your mind and part of everything you do. It’s just what you need to send to your BFF (no matter where they are).


11. Better Than a Text ($4): We know texting is the more instantly gratifying way to get in touch with your chum, but a card like this will mean so much more to them.


12. Just Saying Hi ($5): When you can’t physically be there for your friend, you can always send a cheeky card like this to just say hello.


13. I Miss You When You’re Gone ($5): State the obvious with this brightly colored card and fill it up with plans for your next reunion.


14. I Miss You Like a Blobfish Misses the Sea ($5): This one’s for your best pal who laughs at non-sequitur jokes and finds weird animals endearing.

Do you send your long distance BFF snail mail? Hit us up in the comments!