In this grown-up world, keeping in touch can be a challenge. Seriously — when was the last time you exchanged more than emoji with your pals? Our upcoming Re:Make speaker Sophia Rossi has us thinking about our besties (yes, she’s the one who started HelloGiggles with BFF Zooey Deschanel; get tix to see her at Re:Make here!) Our favorite way to keep a daily reminder of your favorite people is a good old-fashioned DIY bracelet crafting sesh. From string bead creations to woven designs, you can easily whip up a look that feels as original as your friendship.

To help get you started, here are 18 awesome tutorials that feel a touch more adult than your summer camp staples.


1. Tube Bracelet: This metal bar bracelet is simple yet surprisingly elegant. All you need is a tube charm and a cord to run through it. Add some beads on the ends for a little extra detail ;) Don’t forget to make one for yourself! (via Honestly WTF)


2. Brass Ring: Who knew a simple brass ring could look so chic? This friendship bracelet takes little time but packs plenty of style — check out that cute little button clasp. (via Brit + Co)


3. Seeded + Stacked: This stacked beaded bracelet is super summery and couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is floss, lots of seed beads and your creativity. (via Passion for Fashion)


4. Celtic Hearts: These super sweet Celtic heart knots are simple to make, but they’ll definitely leave an impression. Use a different color for each of your friends. (via Hart and Sew)


5. Rhinestone Strands: This simple DIY requires a waxed cotton cord, floss and a strand of rhinestones. Wind the floss between the rhinestones in order to attach the stones to the waxed cord. Add a button clasp for easy removal. (via Brit + Co)


6. Adjustable + Seed Beads: This bracelet has a nifty little adjustable sizer. Choose string in your favorite color to complement a statement-worthy summer outfit. (via Brit + Co)


7. Simple Crimping: This crimp bead bracelet is super pretty but also deceptively easy to make. Pro Tip: Crimp your BFFs’ names in morse code ;) (via Thanks, I Made It)

Stamped Metal Bracelets

8. Metal Stamped Bracelets: Using our handy metal stamping kit, write a message to your bud (feel free to take our lead and borrow a cute phrase from Tay Swift!) instead of going ye olde floss route. (via Brit + Co)


9. Camp Classic: This is one DIY that’ll take you straight back to summer camp. Set up different seed beads in little bowls, string some needles through thread or fishing line and round up your friends for a fun afternoon craft sesh. (via Say Yes)


10. Buttons + Studs: This bracelet requires a little more effort, but the end result will be worth it. Bang out a few while you binge-watch your newest Netfilx obsession. (via Brit + Co)


11. Macrame Stones: Make your friends a good luck charm with this easy macrame stone necklace DIY. Use all-natural hemp twine for a super earthy necklace and put the stone of your choice in the center. (via Sustainability In Style)


12. Cool Monochrome: This is an awesome fresh take on a familiar old thing. Make those floss friendship bracelets with all one color. Guaranteed, your friends won’t want to take these off. (via Purl Bee)


13. Infinity Charm: Friendship is forever, right? Deviate from just a normal braided bracelet with this DIY featuring an infinity charm. Find ’em super easily on various Etsy stores. (via High on DIY)


14. Woven + Layered: Options are endless for these floss bracelets. Add some charms for an extra personal touch. Stack ’em all together to make a big statement. (via Honestly WTF)


15. Neon Chains: This chain bracelet capitalizes on the neon trend. You’ll need a few jewelry-making tools for this DIY, including round and flat-nose pliers. (via Crafts)


16. Stone Cuff: These cuffs are a natural-looking alternative to the basic bracelet. Channel your inner earth-goddess and pair this with these DIY espadrilles. (via Dream Create)


17. Colorful Tassels: These gorgeous DIY tassel necklaces are a surefire way to make you and your friends stand out. Switch up the type of bead you use at the end to add a personal touch for each friend. We love pairing with our boldest swimwear and sundresses for a fun summer look. (via Made in a Day)


18. Hearts On Your Sleeve: Say it with hearts! Using floss, the go-to friendship bracelet staple, create cool designs to show your friend how much you love him/her. (via Honestly WTF)

Do you and your besties wear friendship jewelry? Tell us in the comments below!