Hot off the heels of Apple’s Spring Forward event where the final details about the Apple Watch were revealed (along with bonus Apple info — hey, gold MacBook), the need to strap the newest arm accessory on your wrist is reaching new levels. After placing a pre-order for the Watch, the next logical step is to get your customization on. While there are plenty of colorful band options courtesy of the tech company, why limit yourself to hues when you can get even more personal with the strap?


That personalization comes in the form of your personal designs and even social media shots. After introducing the world to custom phone cases in 2011, Casetify is now adding another tier to its personalization family: Apple Watch bands. Band sizes of 38mm and 42mm are available for pre-order now at $50 and will ship in early June worldwide. After adding in your favorite Instagram snap, Facebook photo or your own creative design, you’ll be turning the hottest wearable into an even bigger statement piece. Whether it’s the standard Apple Watch or the Apple Watch Edition, heads are sure to turn.


With nine different filters and three layouts to choose from, these bands are designed for the wearer to have maximum comfort while enabling them to embrace their individuality. Now you’ll remember #iamcreative every time you look down for the time ;)


Did you pre-order an Apple Watch? Will you be personalizing the band? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Design Milk)