If you’re like us, then you probably have enough phone cases to fill an entire drawer. They’re just so fun, quirky and colorful… of course we want every one we see! But now it’s really time to make some room. Thanks to Casetify, we’re going to be adding way more cases to our collection.

Casetify has officially introduced their gorgeous wooden phone case, made from high quality materials and featuring a super earthy look. But even cooler than this natural way to cover your device is what you can decorate it with… photos! That’s right, your fave Instagram and Facebook photos can now become one with your phone case in just a few simple clicks.

Using Casetify’s super easy design tool, it’s seriously as easy as picking a layout, choosing your photo and checking out. We love simple! You can pick from a handful of templates such as polka dots, chevron or hearts, or choose one of their eight colorful pre-designed layouts (like we did!) to put your photos into. You can even add text or characters, just in case you’re feeling witty :)

These design-it-yourself cases start at $35, depending on the device you’re looking to cover. They make cases for just about every phone out there, as well as for iPad and iTouch, too. Head to Casetify to start designing one yourself!

What type of case is your device rockin’ right now? Will you be heading to Casetify to create a photo-filled one? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Casetify)