15 of the Ultimate Celeb Summer Instagrams to Lean on Through the End-of-Summer Transition
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15 of the Ultimate Celeb Summer Instagrams to Lean on Through the End-of-Summer Transition

Look, we don’t want to talk about it either. But when you’ve got to grab a hoodie for the evening and the first pumpkin spice products are out, it means summer is winding down. Despite sweltering record heats causing us to not be able to look fresh or cute for months now, we’re still not ready to say goodbye to the best season. The summer cocktails, the summer wardrobe, the swimsuit photo ops — so much we didn’t get to do, or at least do enough of. To ease you through the transition, check out these killer celeb summer ‘Grams.

1. Bey takes time from her worldwide Formation tour to enjoy the simple quiet moments in the sun with Blue Ivy this summer.

2. ‘Cause some days you’re just out here for the sun, not for the surf.

3. If perfect summer days could be summed up in one short video, it might be this one of Lauren Conrad sitting seaside while her dogs frolic at the shore.

4. Leave it to the Jenner sisters to have the most epic summer ever. Remember, when that first cold November rain hits, the days of riding horses in Turks and Caicos.

5. Selena Gomez is summer personified in this ice cream snap.

6. Who says you can’t sip out of coconuts all year long?! Channel your inner Gigi when things get chilly.

7. *starts making a to-do list for next summer*

8. Sometimes you’ve gotta get out of the sun and into the AC to lay low like Lupita.

9. Did summer strike a sponsorship deal with donut floaties this year or something? These things were EVERYWHERE. Including in Lea Michele’s pool.

10. If there’s anything better than sitting cozy by a fire with a good book, it’s sitting on the beach with a good book. Bookworm Emma Roberts shared her picks on Instagram all summer, inspiring us to get through that reading list.

11. This pic of Hilary Duff covered in agonizing-looking mosquito bites is more of a reminder what NOT to miss about summer.

12. Jenna Dewan-Tatum is summer goals. Always.

13. Even Mindy Kaling took time from being a hardworking #girlboss to make a summer trip to Disneyland.

14. Honestly, same.

15. And who can forget the most iconic summer Instagram of the year? You won’t only be getting flashes of Tay’s Fourth of July party (taken BK: Before Kim) through the fall and winter, but probably through the rest of your life.

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(Featured photo via @msleamichele)