Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July celebrations have become a thing of Hollywood legend. Filled with the hottest young celebrities (including Blake and Ryan, natch), fabulous A-list parties by the ocean and more fun in the span of just a few days than some of us will see in a lifetime, it’s the bash we all want to be at. Though we’ve no doubt your holiday weekend was pretty baller, new pics directly from Taylor prove that her Fourth of July weekend was officially tops.

Looking like a scene from some improbably perfect chick flick, these new pics were posted to Taylor’s Instagram account. Each and every one gives us more reasons to want to be one of her lucky besties.

With the party weekend including an extended version of Tay’s #girlsquad, you can get peeks of a partying Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, (preggo) Blake Lively, Uzo Aduba and Ruby Rose, among others. Notably missing from the pics is any sign of Tom Hiddleston (who was definitely there and sporting an “I Heart T.S.” shirt), which seems strange since the pair have done nothing to hide their new relationship.

But if you had any doubt that Taylor had the BEST WEEKEND EVER, let’s go down the list and see how she did.

Fabulously fashionable besties in on-point holiday-themed swimsuits? Check!

Views of a Rhode Island dream mansion? Check!

A super fun bouncy waterslide? Check!

Stars-and-stripes onesies (and sweaters) to cozy up in while enjoying the fireworks? Check! The only thing missing seems to be our invitations to the fab celebration. Maybe next year…

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(Photos via @taylorswift)