Every now and then, a product or ingredient takes the beauty market by storm. A few years back it was dry shampoo, then it was everyone’s beauty MVP coconut oil. The latest everyday product you need in your beauty regimen? Activated charcoal. We’re not talking about the stuff you use on your grill — this version is made specifically to use on your bod. The all-black-everything ingredient can whiten your teeth, fight bacteria that causes acne, relieve headaches and so much more. Here are nine activated charcoal items you need in your beauty arsenal ASAP.


1. Sort of Coal Kuro Shampoo ($38): Don’t worry — your hair won’t turn black when you use this shampoo. Made with white charcoal from pine needles and oak vinegar, it’ll get rid of excess oil and make your hair feel teddy-bear soft.


2. Carbon 6 Lab Toothpaste ($19): This toothpaste formula will whiten your teeth, for real. Carbon 6 Lab uses ingredients that are pH-balanced and sulfate free for this carbonized paste to give your teeth a pearly white finish. Plus, did we mention that it’s healthy for your mouth too? It’ll help maintain healthy gums while freshening your breath at the same time.


3. Juice Supply Charcoal Lemonade ($6): In addition to using charcoal for your everyday beauty, you can also drinking it — meet Juice Supply’s Charcoal Lemonade. This concoction creates an alkaline environment inside your body, which prevents diseases from thriving. Miracle in a bottle? We think so.


4. Origins Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores ($26): Not only is charcoal great for inside your bod, but it does wonders for your complexion as well. This face mask is great for all skin types and will help control oil and acne problems. It’s formulated with white China clay, bamboo charcoal and lecithin to keep your face looking #flawless.


5. Apotheke Charcoal Bar Soap ($8): Adding charcoal to your daily face-washing routine will give your mug a super deep clean. While this charcoal bar is tough enough to get rid of that extra dirt and grime, it will make your body feel baby-soft.


6. Milk Makeup Charcoal Swabs ($7): If you’re the type of girl that’s always on the go, you *need* these charcoal swabs in your bag. These little guys will help remove dirt and oil from your face, not to mention they’re paraben-free and eco-conscious. Can’t get better than that!


7. Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask ($6): Say so long to blackheads. In just one minute, this mask will purify your pores 2.5 times better than other similar products. Use it two to three times a week for a deep-cleansing effect that will make your skin smooth and healthy.


8. Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment ($38): This charcoal pore pudding is a royal treatment in a container. Formulated with black and white charcoal, the gray-colored mask will cleanse your skin of toxins and impurities while also moisturizing and balancing your complexion. You’ll notice the difference after just one use.

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