It’s that time of year again, when the sun is blinding and you’re bumping into every human (or wall) around you. Whether you want to add an element of chicness to your outfit or help hide the aftereffects of last night’s margarita marathon (#noregrets), you’ll need some specs sooner rather than later, and we are here to help. Scroll on to check out these super stylish yet totally essential frames for summer.


1. Round Frame Sunglasses ($39): With neutral tones and a bright pink face, these should be rocked on Wednesdays, because we always wear pink on Wednesdays.


2. Braccia Sunglasses ($12): If you’re looking for a good time, say hello to your new best friend. It’s like we always say: the brighter the color, the better.


3. Skylar Sunglasses ($18): Keep things classic with a pair of wayfarers. Not only do they look chic, but they are cheap too. Win-Win!


4. Sci-Fi Sunglasses ($39): Take your outfit to another dimension with this pair of specs. The engraved texture will add a unique element to any outfit. And gold is never a bad idea either.


5. Two-Toned Sunglasses ($30): This color block game is strong. Wear ’em to the beach to match the orange umbrella in your drink.


6. Twiggy Round Sunglasses ($20): Round glasses are becoming pretty popular, especially around festival season. Wear this pair to change things up when you want to add a ’70s element to your wardrobe.


7. Rhodes Sunglasses ($20): Let your glasses do all the talkin’ by wearing neutral makeup and clothes. Bright, bold and tough = so good.


8. Gradated Round Sunglasses ($8): Sun-kissed specs are so in. Here’s your excuse to rent that red convertible, drop the top and cruise to the closest beach with your friends.


9. Mint Sunglasses ($8): Just because Mad Men is over doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the retro vibes. That cat-eye is sharp.


10. Throwin’ Shades ($20): With a slight touch of gold, these have sophistication like no other. They are great for those summer nights out with your girls.


11. Ferdinandea Sunglasses ($12): A classic pair of aviators belongs in every closet. Add a hint of gold, and you just went from boring to wowza.


12. White Wayfarers ($8): Go Miami Vice with these bad boys. While you’re at it, get a white blazer and a speed boat just for the heck of it.


13. James Sunglasses ($42): Say hello to looking smoking hot. Raise the heat by wearing these guys on your next date.


14. Retro Pastel Round Cat Eye Sunglasses ($10): Coral is a summer staple, especially when it matches the flamingos you’ll be spotting on your next trip to Florida.


15. What’s Cookin’ Shades ($45): These frames are far from boring. Rock these at your next picnic and amaze your friends with your snack-style coordination.


16. Pineapple Icon Sunglasses ($16): Pineapples automatically equal summer. These are fun, fresh and funky all in one. Can you say perfect beach glasses? We think so.

Which sunglasses are you going to wear this summer? Let us know in the comments below!