While treasuring hunting on the web for all sorts of cool ways to spruce up your sunglasses, we were inspired to create our own beaded take on this tricked out trend. It’s a little more subtle than flat-back pearls, and a little more sparkly than glitter nail polish. Read on to learn how to bead your own stylish sunglasses.

 – sunglasses

– seed beads

 – QuickHOLD contact adhesive

– toothpick

– sewing pin

– paper plate or wax paper for glue

We went with our trusty fake wayfarers for this sunglasses hack – just $3 on Amazon!

Squeeze a bit of glue onto a paper plate and use a toothpick to apply it to your sunglasses.

Now here’s the hack. To keep your beads in a straight line, place them on a sewing pin then press them into the glue and slide the pin out. Genius, right!? ;)

Continue around the perimeter of your glasses. The pin also helps you apply the beads without getting glue all over your fingers! We went with a two tone design with light beads on top and silver beads on the bottom.

The middle is the place where you’ll need be the most precise, and will probably need to angle in your bead lines.

Do the same with your next pair, but this time with a blue color palette and color-blocked stripes.

Let dry overnight before wearing.

Then hit the streets with your stellar style! :)

What do you think of the tricked out sunglasses trend? Would you bead your sunglasses? Talk to us in the comments below.