That’s right, folks. Festival season is finally here! We love the music and the mood, but we’ve just gotta talk about the fashion. This is the time of the year when you get to rock all your boho chic clothing and accessories, and here at Brit + Co., we fully embrace that. In this spirit, we have 26 of our favorite inspired fashion looks for any music festival you can possibly think of. Enjoy!

1. Casual Twist: We’re huge fans of knotted things like the braided top knot, so we obviously love that there’s a cinched knot on this skirt. With a colorful crop top and layered necklace, you’re good to go. (via Travelling with a Hint of Fashion)

2. Dressy Lace: Looking for some fancy inspiration? This is the one for you. Lace is a common theme at festivals, but that blazer is super unique. Where can we get one? (via Travelling with a Hint of Fashion)

3. Vintage Revival Look: These sisters (we’re just assuming) are perfectly styled for a cool day out. That knotted (yes!) denim top with a cute cardigan is definitely a great way to warm up during breezy weather. (via Hyper Julia)

4. Bandeau + Midi: Parrots. On a midi skirt. With a leather jacket. YES! (via Hyper Julia)

5. Not Your Grandma’s Skirt: I’ve dubbed this skirt the “Not Your Grandma’s Skirt” because while the print may seem a little old and kooky, it pairs wonderfully with a cool leather jacket and a pair of booties. Seriously, she’s so cool that she doesn’t even use the sleeves. (via Hyper Julia)

6. Leather + Silky Scarf: More leather? Bring it on! We also love that flower crown she’s rocking. (via Amazine)

7. Acid Wash Overalls: Yes, it’s true. Overalls are back and better than ever. It’s time to dig through your high school closet. (via Amazine)

8. Fringe Maxi Skirt: I’m usually not a fan of crazy skirts like this (can it be considered a maxi?), but for some reason this one just works. It’s the festival spirit working its magic. (via Her Campus)

9. Light + Summery: Just because you’re going to Coachella doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a brand new outfit (although we’d totally support that too). It’s becoming more popular for people to wear their regular summery clothes to concerts, making life a whole lot easier for us. (via Her Campus)

10. Chic + Simple: The combination of black and white is dy-na-mite! (via Salsit)

11. Floral Dress: There’s something very Zooey Deschanel-ish about this outfit. We think it may be the floral dress and the hair. (via Salsit)

12. High Low + Denim: That’s right. We’re bringing the LBD to festival fashion too. Is “rocker chic” already a thing? (via Salsit)

13. Simple Jersey Dress: If you’re not all about that extravagant fashion, we’ve got you covered. A jersey dress and a pair o’ Chucks is always a safe bet. (via All About the Style)

14. Pattern Queen: Feeling in touch with the world today? Take a cue from its fashion and try out some new patterns! (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

15. Sleek Black Jumpsuit: This jumpsuit is both cute and a hoot. We’re lovin’ it. (via Refinery29)

16. Feminine Lace: Ah, the lace trend. So classic. (via Fashion Gone Rogue)

17. Red Hot Vest: That’s a killer red vest. We want one now. Also, combat boots are always a win for protecting your little toes from getting trampled. (via Free People)

18. Awesome Printed Pants: A bold choice for a person with bold music taste. (via Free People)

19. Crop Top + Printed Pants: Unleash your inner hippie with this breezy pants and crop top combo, complete with peace signs. (via Free People)

20. Flowy Floral Top: It can get pretty hot during festival season, so a breezy top like this one might be a good idea. While it may seem like booties and summery tops don’t go together, this gal has proved us all wrong. (via Free People)

21. Printed Flowy Mini: This outfit is so adorable. We can barely speak. (via Elle)

22. Striped Maxi + Knotted Top: We love our maxi skirts, especially when they’re striped and paired with a pop of color. All you need is some arm candy (aka lots and lots of bracelets), and you’ll have the perfect outfit. (via Elle)

23. Bright + Printed Strapless Top: It’s the girl’s version of that ugly Hawaiian shirt your dad just won’t throw out. But in this case, it’s not ugly at all. (via Elle)

24. Wide Stripes + Floppy Hat: This striped and beaded duo is so great. We may borrow it to wear throughout all of spring and summer this year. (via Elle)

25. Flowy Top + Arm Candy: Denim shorts are a summer and festival season staple. They can do no wrong! (via What Dress Code?)

26. Crop Top + Plaid Skirt: This has got to be one of our favorite outfits on the list. That cute plaid skirt and simple crop top are like two peas in a pod. (via Vogue)

What’s your favorite festival season look? Tell us about it (and share a picture!) in the comments below!