Take it from a gal who just moved into her first apartment 鈥 decorating is not cheap. After dropping major bills on furniture and housewares, it鈥檚 hard to justify spending that extra buck on wall art, you know? But those white walls need a little love too, and adding art you love is the best way to make a space feel like your own. To prove you can do it without breaking the bank, we鈥檝e rounded up 50 wall art buys and DIYs, all under $50. So scroll on and get decorating, peeps!


1. YES (You Complete the Picture) ($24): We鈥檒l kick it off with a super biased pick: This Trey Speegle print has been my desktop wallpaper for YEARS. You wouldn鈥檛 believe my excitement when I finally found the print for sale on 20脳200. Thanks, Internet! (via 20脳200)


2. Retro Diamond Focal Wall: This simple mural really adds a punch to the space. And all you need is some paint, tape and a bit of patience. (via Vintage Revivals)


3. Tissue Paper Wall Art: Want a super easy and cheap way to make wall art? Tear tissue paper, glue it onto a canvas and repeat. How鈥檚 that for bang for your buck? (via Brit + C0)


4. The Animal Print Shop ($25 and up): Sharon Montrose brings animals into a studio and photographs them. It鈥檚 kind of the most adorable photo series ever. Pick up a print of this baby cow and his farm animal friends ASAP. (via 20脳200)


5. Rope Wall Art: Inspired by Alicia Scardetta鈥檚 impressive rope wall hangings, this rope art piece will give an unexpected punch to whatever space you add it to. (via Brit + Co)


6. Breezy Rider Print ($45): Man, Francesca Greggs of Lemonwood Imprints has a real knack for making simple shapes sing. (via Brit + Co Shop)


7. Yarn Banner: This yarn installation is sure to provide the wow moment you鈥檙e looking for. (via Creative Bug)


8. The Mutato Project ($28): Uli Westphal鈥檚 print series celebrates deformed vegetables, and we like it. (via A Cup of Jo)


9. DIY Abstract Art: Looking for a beginner鈥檚 tutorial on painting abstract art? Jacquelyn Clark of Style Me Pretty Living is your gal for the job. (via Style Me Pretty Living)


10. Waikiki #5 Art Print ($34): If you needed another excuse to buy one of Max Wanger鈥檚 breathtaking prints, he鈥檚 now selling them at an affordable price point at Urban Outfitters. Yay! (via Urban Outfitters)


11. Dip Dyed Wall Hanging ($24): We鈥檙e breaking the rules 鈥 this one is a buy *and* a DIY. Our genius kit designer has yet again made a swoonworthy, easy and affordable kit, AKA your next weekend project :) (via Brit + Co Shop)


12. You and Me and the Cat Print ($26): All we need, baby. (via Urban Outfitters)


13. 3D Paper Art: This clever art project has got us saying, 鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 we think of that?鈥 (via Ohoh Blog)


14. T-Shirt Tassel Wall Hanging: You know those ratty old t-shirts you can鈥檛 seem to throw out? Time to make them into a wall hanging! (via Brit + Co)


15. DIY Embroidered Photo Art: Confession: We *love* this hack and are itching to do it ourselves. It鈥檚 such a clever way to revamp a photograph. (via A Beautiful Mess)


16. Pineapple Print ($22): Because you *know* you need more pineapples in your life. We鈥檝e seen a boatload of pineapple prints out there, and this one may take the cake. (via Society6)


17. Count to Ten Print ($30): How cute would this Honey & Bloom print be in a nursery? (via Brit + Co Shop)


18. Woven Wool Wall Art: Ready to tackle that weaving project you鈥檝e been telling yourself you鈥檒l do for ages? Look no further than our tutorial! (via Brit + Co)


19. Instagram Projects: Check out Liz Stanley鈥檚 post for tons of ways to use your Instagrams IRL. (via Say Yes)


20. Zest Print ($20): How rad is this little print? The orange version is pretty sweet, too. (via Society6)


21. Floating Vase: Alright, here comes that biased opinion again 鈥 yours truly made a version of these as one of my very first DIY projects many years ago. And I鈥檝e gotta say, they鈥檝e given my living room and impressive facelift. Plus they鈥檙e an excuse to constantly buy fresh flowers :) (via Cupcakes & Cashmere)


22. Photojojo Engineer Prints ($25): Gigantic art *really* doesn鈥檛 get any more affordable than this. Photojojo will help you supersize your very own prints into a statement wall for a killer price. (via Brit + Co)


23. Dear Wine, You Complete Me Print ($45): 鈥楴uff said. (via Brit + Co Shop)


24. The Answer Is Always Tacos Pennant ($25): If you ask us, every room needs a cheeky pennant. (via Brit + Co Shop)


25. Temporary Wallpaper With Washi Tape: Say hello to the best custom temporary wallpaper EVER. Yet again, washi tape FTW! (via Brit + Co)


26. 鈥80s/鈥90s Era Jon Snow: It鈥檚 safe to say we鈥檙e obsessed with Mike Wrobel鈥檚 work 鈥 especially his prints of Game of Thrones characters as 鈥80s and 鈥90s kids. (via Society6)


27. Metagramme: This app merges up to 64 Instagram snaps into one beautiful image. Simply input a specific hashtag or username, then download the image. How neat is that? (via Say Yes)


28. Macrame Wall Hanging: This DIY combines two of our favorite things to make: macrame and wall hangings. Out of jersey, no less! (via Brit + Co)


29. Fabric Canvas Art: How about covering canvases with your favorite fabrics? (Pssst 鈥 this is also a great use for all those fabric scraps!) (via Brit + Co)


30. DIY Tape Picture Frames: Calling all renters! This frame hack is an especially good solution if you want to avoid holes in your walls. (via Design*Sponge)


31. Be Brave Pennant: This sweet pennant doubles as a sweet daily reminder. Thanks, NousDecor! (via Brit + Co)


32. Dip Dyed Thrift Art: There鈥檚 no tutorial for this one (which kinda makes us want to write our own ASAP), but it鈥檚 worth the mention. Time to hit the thrift store! (via Inside Closet)


33. Pom Pom Art: Dang, pom pom art doesn鈥檛 get much prettier than this. We鈥檙e in love. (via Sugar and Cloth)


34. DIY Word Wall: Why not make an ode to, well, making? Check out the original DIY in our Brit + Co Shop in SF ;) (via Brit + C0)


35. Never Stop Exploring Print ($20): Because we all need a little reminder to go outside. (via Society6)


36. DIY Fruit Painting: Learn how to paint fruit like a pro with this simple tutorial. (via Little Green Notebook)


37. Circular Wall Hanging: Looking for a fresh take on a woven wall hanging? This hoop hack is your answer. (via Brit + Co)


38. Wilderness Flowers ($34): You know we鈥檝e been on a floral kick lately, so it should be no surprise that we鈥檙e obsessed with this print. (via Society6)


39. Poster Wall Hanging: This DIY takes Photojojo鈥檚 engineer print a step further. Joni of Lay Baby Lay stapled her print to a wood beam, then added rope to hang it. We鈥檙e definitely inspired. (via Lay Baby Lay)


40. Wooden Wall Art: For all you minimalists out there 鈥 this DIY is calling your name. (via Brit + Co)


41. Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking ($24): Feeling bookish? Check out Jane Mount鈥檚 Ideal Bookshelf series. Each print showcases a different bookshelf. (We鈥檙e *all* about this James Franco gem, too!) (via 20脳200)


42. Batik Constellation Print DIY: Want to pick up a new hobby as you decorate? Learn how to batik with wax and fabric 鈥 the results are awesome. (via Brit + Co)


43. Washi Wall Calendar: Kill two birds with one stone and beautify your office space with this darling wash tape wall calendar. (via Ohhh Mhhh)


44. Chinatown ($24): We鈥檙e thrilled that Victoria Smith (AKA SFGirlByBay) is finally selling her prints! Scoop 鈥檈m up before they sell out, yo. (via 20脳200)


45. Be You Marble Art Print ($39): Everyone else is taken :) (via Urban Outfitters)


46. Marbled Wall Hanging Speaking of marbling, try it yourself with a giant canvas and Martha鈥檚 tutorial. (via Martha Stewart)


47. Geometric Party Garlands: Make every day feel like a party with these festive paper garlands. (via designlovefest)


48. Where We鈥檝e Been: World Map ($45): Three cheers for interactive art! Every time you hit up a new destination, color in the country on the map. Fun, right? (via Brit + Co Shop)


49. Gold Moon Wall: This wall art is out of this world on so many levels. Laura of A Beautiful Mess used a projector to trace her design on the wall, then went over her tracing in gold paint. We鈥檙e impressed! (via A Beautiful Mess)


50. Pizza + Pasta Art Prints ($44): All we can say is鈥 duh. (via Brit + Co Shop)

What鈥檚 your favorite wall art buy or DIY? Share with us in the comments below!