As soon as warm weather rolls around, that epic collection of yarn we acquired throughout the winter tends to get tossed aside in favor of more summer-friendly supplies. After all, you don’t really want to be knitting a chunky sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside. But before you stow all that wool away until October, we have a project that uses the colorful medium in a whole new way: as wall decor. Spruce up a boring wall with this super easy circular wall hanging that gives those super trendy weavings a run for their money.


– yarn

– embroidery hoop

– string


– Scissors


1. Separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoop. You’re going to use the smaller circle that does not have a fastener.

2. Cut a piece of yarn at double your desired length, then fold it in half.

3. Place the looped end underneath the embroidery hoop so that it’s on the outside. Then thread the two ends through that loop and pull taught.

4. Repeat with different colored yarn until your embroidery hoop is fully covered.

5. Lay the wall hanging flat and comb the yarn so that the pieces are untangled and straight.

6. Grab a sharp pair of scissors and cut the ends so that they’re even (we cut ours in a v-shape).

7. Tie a thin string to two sides of the hoop equidistant from each other. Double knot them and snip away the excess.

8. Grab a thumb tack and hang on your wall!

We used an embroidery hoop because that’s what we had on hand, but feel free to swap for any round-shaped ring — a triangle shape would also look super cool.

To copy our textured look, make sure you’re picking skeins of yarn that vary in thickness. We cut our pieces to be about 20″ when doubled over. Don’t worry about making them perfectly even — you’ll trim them later.

For uniform-looking loops, make sure you’re always threading your yarn in the same direction. SO, place the looped yarn under the hoop with the loose ends in the middle of the hoop. Then fold the loose ends over the edge of the hoop and through the loop.

Now just keep looping your crafty little heart out.

Be sure to tug the yarn taught so that the loops are nice and tight.

After your hoop is full, lay it down and gently comb all the yarn with your fingers so that they are untangled and laying flat.

We trimmed our ends into a v-shape, but it might also look cool if you tried an edgy, asymmetrical cut.

Be sure the string you use to hang this is strong enough to hold the weight of the wall hanging without being too noticeable.

Double knot both sides and cut away the excess.

And then, boom! Instant jellyfish vibes.

Is this the statement piece your gallery wall has been missing? We think yes.

BRB, just going to go make 20 more.

How do you yarn in the summertime? Share with us in the comments below.