If you’re working toward a fitness goal, it’s completely necessary to have a cheat day every once in a while. Try to eat like a beacon of health every day, and you’re likely to go nuts (or perhaps end up binging on fettuccini Alfredo recipes for three days straight). When it comes to cheat days, there’s a clear winner in the fitness community. A recent survey by Fitness Goals found that good old mac and cheese recipes are the most popular #cheatday meals on Instagram. We say: DUH! Here are the 10 most popular mac and cheese posts out there for your cheat day inspiration.

1. Mac n Cheetos: Why yes, the most popular mac and cheese cheat day meal on Instagram is Burger King’s Mac n Cheetos bites, coming in at a WHOPping (get it?) 35,000 likes. The fast food chain brought us this item last year, and has since added to its Cheeto repertoire with Cheeto Chicken Fries. If that’s not cheat-day fare, we don’t know what is.

2. Bacon Mac n Cheese Pot Pie: Three *insanely* delicious food items come together in this masterful creation. Bacon AND mac and cheese baked together in a meat pie… what could possibly be wrong with that?

3. Mac n’ Cheese Bacon Rolls: We’re basically mesmerized by this idea. After making a simple homemade cheese sauce, drizzle it over cooked mac, place in pre-made roll dough, add bacon on top, roll that baby up, and deep fry it. JAW DROP.

4. Spring Rolls: Coming in right on the heels of those bacon mac and cheese rolls are THESE bacon mac and cheese rolls, tallying at about 25,000 likes. The dough for these is slightly flakier (they’re meant to be a variation on spring rolls), but they’re probably *equally* delish.

5. Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls: These ridiculously tasty-looking snacks are basically a cheese-lover’s dream. Bonus points for the creamy dipping sauce we spy in the background.

6. Bite by Bite: These sweet and cheesy homemade mac and cheese bites are super simple yet divinely indulgent. Is there any better combo than fried dough and mac and cheese? We think not.

7. Mac and Cheese Mug: You’ve heard of mug cakes. You’ve heard of cups-of-noodles. But have you heard of a mac and cheese mug?

8. All About That Bacon: Bacon and mac and cheese are simply a match made in HEAVEN. Case in point: This scrumptious-looking concoction, which garnered nearly 20K likes on IG.

9. Refined Mac: You may not realize it, but mac and cheese is really just pasta with a cheese sauce on top. You know, like fine Italian dining. Just like that.

10. Portion Sizes: Take a close look at this mac in relation to the pot it comes in. These noodles are HUGE. And every inch of them is coated with cheesy, salty goodness.

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