Now we all love an elaborate DIY costume, but sometimes you just need a simple, chic disguise that you can put together on a Sunday afternoon. Girl, we feel you. And that鈥檚 why we鈥檝e whipped up these DIY Chic Halloween Masks with the help of VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics!

鈥 face mask

鈥 stiffened felt

鈥 VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics

鈥 gold glitter glue

鈥 foam brush


鈥 scissors


1. Cut your desired shapes out of stiffened felt using scissors.

2. Peel the VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics off the paper backing and stick onto your cutout shapes.

3. Attach the opposite VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics to the first on, sticky side out and VELCRO庐 Brand side in.

4. Arrange your felt shapes onto your mask and firmly stick into place to secure them.

5. Brush on a thin layer of glitter glue to the outer edges using your foam brush.

6. Let glitter glue dry for 15 minutes or so.

Crazy simple materials right? We鈥檒l show you how to transform them into a classy Halloween disguise!

Once you have a design in mind, start cutting shapes out of the stiffened felt. For this mask we cut out felt feathers to make a frosty white bird mask!

Next, peel off the VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics, stick both sides to the back of your felt shapes, and stick them directly onto your mask.

We layered up a whole mess of feathers to give this bird mask some serious texture!

For small shapes, you can always cut the VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics in half and use the smaller strips to secure them.

Once you鈥檝e attached all your felt shapes to your mask, its time to add a glittery edge! Squeeze out a small amount of glitter glue, and lightly brush it onto the edges of your felt shapes.

Check out that ice cold bird!

For bonus costume points, switch out your white shapes with black for a midnight transformation! The VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics makes it easy to switch out pieces and take on a whole persona half way through the night!

We took a look at the felt remnants left behind from this mask and couldn鈥檛 help but make another one! #thriftychic

A few more VELCRO庐 Brand strips and a coat of glitter glue later, and you鈥檝e got an eerie night sky mask complete with tree branches and glittery bats!

Vogue, Halloween edition.

We added one more goofy number, with interchangeable eyebrows, mustache, and hat applied to the mask, plus two additional props: a monocle and bowtie!

Reinforce hand-held props with VELCRO庐 Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics and a second layer of felt. You can also construct bowties with interchangeable bow shapes.

This chick is ready to hit the town, no additional costume required!

Friends who DIY together, stay together.


What kind of custom mask do you want to make for Halloween? Tell us in the comments below!

This post is a collaboration with Velcro Industries.