The dreaded days of long lunch hour lines at everyone’s go-to fast casual Mexican grill (and #2 first date spot) are finally over. Chipotle just announced a brand-new delivery service that starts immediately [Brit + Co editorial team drops everything and orders entire menu].


The food baby provider revealed during its recent earnings call that nationwide delivery — well, in 67 very lucky cities — is here thanks to a partnership with Postmates, the app-based anything-you-need fetcher that’s also getting Starbucks’ similar service up and running later this year. If you’re speculating that only select menu items are available for the launch, you’d be as wrong as not getting some queso as a side order: the full menu is fair game when you order delivery through Postmates’ site or app.


In addition to that lunch-altering announcement, Chipotle’s earnings call also revealed a couple of bonus insights that lovers of the food chain are guaranteed to crave. The company just launched an app for the Apple Watch to make ordering and picking up even more efficient (hands-free = leaping straight into burrito demolition mode), along with revealing that mobile payment via Apple Pay + Google Wallet will be in effect by the end of the year and (most important of all) pork will be back on the menu in October. Carnitas lovers, rejoice! It’s a real good day to be a Chipotle regular.

How many times a week do you plan on getting Chipotle delivered for lunch? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Grub Street, photos via Chipotle)