Two things. First of all, Starbucks CEO and chair Howard Schultz just announced that the coffee giantasaur is planning to roll out delivery services in select markets in 2015. This is huge. No longer will you ever have to make your own coffee in your own house ever. Nor will you have to leave your house to get a latte at one of the dozens of Starbucks locations that are probably walking distance from your house.

All the coffee shall be had. None of the pants.

“Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily. That’s our version of e-commerce on steroids,” Schultz said on an earnings call. The company will be testing the delivery offering using their new mobile order and pay app. Delivery will be available in Portland starting in December for loyalty customers, and a nationwide roll-out is in the works for 2015. No word yet on which cities will follow Portland, but it might be time to start a letter writing campaign if you want them in your city.

Starbucks is taking a page from Willy Wonka’s book, too. Schultz has promised to give 13 North American Starbucks card holders free Starbucks for life. We aren’t sure exactly how this promotion will work yet, but we hope it involves golden tickets inside coffee cups.

Would you take advantage of coffee delivery? Why or why not?

(h/t Jezebel)