Supermodel/funny woman/my dream BFF Chrissy Teigen and her crooner husband John Legend only just announced their pregnancy six days ago on Instagram, but the expectant mom is already showing.


The mom-to-be posted this adorable photo of her growing belly along with the caption: “Somebody is early to the party.”

The Sports Illustrated model has been extremely up front about her pregnancy struggles and has been totally open about undergoing IVF treatments for this pregnancy. With her belly already popped, there has been unsolicited (not to mention unwelcome) Internet speculation about her expecting twins — triplets even — and awful comments about her size.

Chrissy, along with several other celeb moms like pal Brooklyn Decker and also JLH, has always been incredibly real with her fans. It’s sad to see this openness become Internet fodder and an invitation for bullies and trolls to make comments on women’s bodies. Not one to stay quiet when trolls attack, Chrissy has been shutting down rumors left and right on her Twitter account.

You tell ’em, Chrissy!

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(Photos via Frazer Harrison/Getty + @chrissyteigen)